Turkey rejects Indian Allegations against Pakistan

Minister of State for External Affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi informed Turkish counterpart about the situation and facts born after the attack on Indian troops in the occupied Kashmir, and Turkey has rejected Indian charges against Pakistan.

According to the Foreign Ministry statement, Minister of State Shah Mehmood Qureshi talked to the Turkish Foreign Minister on the telephone and thanked him for co-operating with Pakistan on several issues.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi informed the Turkish counterpart about the situation that happened after the Pulwama incident and said that Pakistan has demanded India about proof so that Pakistan can help them to investigate.

The Minister briefed Turkey on understanding various issues and the position of the UPP. He talked about the best relations between the two brothers and the two countries, and on 3 and January 4, 2019, further strengthen the ties between Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Turkey, where the two countries agreed to change the relationship to a new strategic partnership.

Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs, after knowing the Pakistani position, said that we reject all the Indian allegations against Pakistan after the Pulwama Attack. He emphasized the need for talks on settlement issues between Pakistan and India.

He said:

“The problem of Kashmir needs to be resolved according to negotiations and the United Nations Security Council resolutions.”

The Turkish Foreign Minister said that President Tayyib Erdogan will visit Pakistan after the local elections in Turkey.

External Affairs Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi wrote the letter to the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Goths and Security Council president Antonio Nadung Maba after the Indian allegations and threats on the Pulwama and told them about all the situation.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said in a letter to the President of the Security Council that the situation is a threat to global peace and the global community sould keep India away from increasing the fire of war. He said that the new wave of violence has been imposed on the people of India-based occupied Kashmir, and the oppression of Indians is attacking Kashmiris.

The Foreign Minister said that India is using the power to deprive Kashmir people of their fundamental rights and India is propagating their self-determination to be “terrorism” to crush Kashmiri’s freedom struggle.

He said that India could not allow the world to mislead the facts by breaking the facts, sacrifices of the Kashmiri people and the pleasures which they have taken for their right.

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