The lobbying industry is moving to retain Chiedza Kambasha

Chiedza Kambasha’s ability to redefine cultural diplomacy and national security in the niche lobbying circles and corridors of power has been one of her strongest and unique traits.

Image: SUPPLIED BY Christian Heiger from Rivet Productions Executive

Many people who have watched Chiedza Kambasha on the frontline and inaction will concur that her energy, prowess, and free spirit is a different style of leadership that has carved a lucrative consulting niche as the “go-to” fixer hedged well in peace and security, global affairs and diplomacy.

INSPIRATIONAL The 38-year-old has been able to remain consistent in her 10-year career in the peace and security industry in addition to juggling her entrepreneurial side as a groundbreaking bold businesswoman with interests across the globe in various sectors including retail, agriculture, real estate, and technology.

Her leadership versatility has earned her multiple awards, respect, and opportunities with governments, high-net-worth clients, and royal families. IMPACTING HER ROOTS Chiedza Kambasha has been seen making a visible difference across communities she grew up in across Zimbabwe and Mozambique, it is no secret that Chiedza also takes her social responsibility and commitments seriously.

In 2017 she launched the Chiedza Kambasha Bursary Fund which has to date taken 400 young and vulnerable children to school, paid medical bills and treatment for 78 mothers, and aims to help 10 000 women through vocational and technical studies by 2025.

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