Security Forces in Egypt killed 14 terrorists

Egyptian security forces say 14 terrorists were killed while taking action in the northern city of Sinai, and heavy explosives were recovered from their possession.

Egyptian security forces said that out of Al-Areesh they fought against terrorists.

Security Forces said that terrorists wanted to install a roadside bomb in the central city area and two other cities Rafah and Sheikh Zayed.

According to the report, security forces also recovered more explosive material from the central mountain area of ​​Sinai (Jabal-Al-Halal).

It is believed that Egypt’s army is fighting against terrorists for the last few years in northern city Sinai, and in this area, journalists, embassies and other observers are not allowed to travel.

Egyptian security forces killed 40 alleged terrorists after the crackdown on 3 foreign tourists and their local guides by exploding the roadside bomb in Giza on 29 December 2018.

The statement of the Interior Ministry said that 30 terrorists were killed during two operations in Giza and 10 in the north Sinai.

However, the Security Forces did not tell anything about their involvement in those bomb attacks.

According to the statement, the administration was informed that terrorists are preparing attacks on tourist places and churches.

The roadside bomb explosion attack in the nearby area of ​​Al Ahram Giza killed 3 tourists and their local guides.

Due to the explosion, other 11 tourists and Egyptian bus drivers of Vietnam were injured.

In the city of Egypt, there have been major terrorist incidents in Sinai, where Christians and tourists were targeted, but for the first time in two years, foreign tourists were attacked.

In 2011, Egypt protest was started against Husni Mubarak. And then the Govt. of the elected President Mohammed Morsi had taken down by the army under the leadership of Abdul-Fateh al-Faisal. After which the peace of the country was disturbed for an extended period. And this situation also affected the Tourism and their other industry badly.

During Egypt’s last two years, attacks on the tribal church were carried out, and the terrorist attacks on visitors resulted in deaths of hundreds of people.

Egypt is struggling against terrorism in the country from the past few years, and their security forces are active always to prevent such incidents in the country. Recently 14 terrorists have been killed by them that’s a great achievement. This terrorism has also disturbed Egypt’s tourism industry and their economy as well.

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