Iran intends to increase its interventions in the region and tighten the grip inside

Irani media have highlighted the recent statements by Mohammad Ali Jafari that Iran must adopt more aggressive positions and consider it a radical shift in Iran’s policy, as well as the frequent talk of Guard commanders about a “preemptive war” against Iran.

Iranian regime militants categorise them as “the enemies of the interior and abroad.”

“Until now, the strategy of the Islamic Republic has been defensive, but it seems that from now, we must be ready to take an offensive stance and pursue the enemy,”

Jafari said during the preventive war exercises on the island of Qeshm last week.

Gen. Mohammad Pakpur, commander of ground forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, expressed this shift in Iranian military policy, saying the same day: “The best defence is the attack.”

The Revolutionary Guards and Iran’s hardliners classify “enemies” as “external and internal”, and analysts say the shift in new policy means that Iran intends to “increase” military interventions in the region and tighten the security grip at home.

The Revolutionary Guards’ leaders assert that “Pre-emptive strikes must be made against enemies even before they think of doing anything against the Iranian regime.”

Regionally, Iran has stepped up its military, financial and logistical support for the Houthi movement
in Yemen and Hezbollah militias in Lebanon deployed in Syria, as well as increased security and military action inside Iraq.

It also armed and trained the Taliban in Afghanistan, and bombed Iraqi Kurdistan to abolish the Kurdish opposition parties.

In Europe, the Iranian intelligence services after attempts to bomb and assassinations against opposition groups, which was stopped by the security services of European countries and arrested a diplomat and expelled other diplomats, and arrested those involved in these attacks.

During the 2018 protests, which spread to more than 120 cities in various Iranian provinces, the security forces and the Revolutionary Guards adopted a policy of “preemptive attack” within the border against citizens protesting against high prices and deteriorating economic and living conditions.

The intelligence services, the Revolutionary Guard and the Basij, justify the crackdown by saying that militants have intentions against the regime and want to overthrow the government.

As tensions between the United States and Iran escalate over Tehran’s disruptive behaviour in the region and the re-imposition of sanctions since US President Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal, the Revolutionary Guards have stepped up threats and increased missile tests that violate UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

The reaction of the international community to the announcement of the Revolutionary Guard on preventive war is expected to be consolidated in the face of increasing nuclear, and missile threats continued military intervention in the region and support for terrorism and financing of armed armies in the region and the world.

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