$ 86,000 for a case of alleged racial profiling

A family from the South Shore of Montreal is ready to fight in the Human Rights Tribunal, if necessary, to obtain justice against officers from the Longueuil Urban Police Service, who have been subjected to racial profiling more than five years ago.

Dominique Jacobs, a citizen of the Greenfield Park sector in Longueuil, says that the Human Rights Commission recently informed her that she was asking the City to pay her family $ 86,000 because she was a victim of alleged racial profiling and also suggested anti-discrimination training for police officers.

The facts alleged occurred in November 2013, when Ms. Jacobs, her spouse at the time and her two sons lived in Brossard. Dominique Jacobs says that her son and son-in-law went to visit friends.

On their return, near the Brossard-Panama terminus, police arrested the two young people aged 17 and 19.

After a brief exchange of courtesy, things would have degenerated when the two young men crossed the street in the middle when there was no pedestrian crossing.

“The police have made the tires of their car crunch.”

told TVA News Dominique Jacobs.

“They used excessive force to control my son and son-in-law. They did not read their rights and never explained the reasons for the arrest. They handcuffed and returned them to our home. It was 1:30 in the morning.”

says the mother.

“My spouse at the time asked the police what was happening, but the officers were not receptive. I went down and saw a policeman who had his flashlight and was scanning my house. There were two other officers at my door as well as police vehicles outside. After repeatedly insisting, the police told me that the boys were under arrest because they had crossed the street where it was forbidden. The officers were also disrespectful to me and my ex-spouse. ”

If the City of Longueuil refuses to compensate the family, this case could end up before the Human Rights Tribunal.

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