68% Weapons of Indian Army are not Usable – NYT

Last updated on March 6th, 2019 at 11:13 am

The American newspaper has revealed the capabilities of the Indian Military in its report and said that 68% of Indian Army’s warfare equipment is so ancient that it is considered as officially unusable.

The American newspaper New York Times, in its report, contradicted the Indian Air Force’s retaliation in comparison to the Pak Air Force and said that the capability of the Indian Army is seriously affected.

Referring to the official data, the newspaper writes,

“If the war goes astray, India can supply only 10 days of arms to its soldiers”.

The report states that 68% of Indian Army weapons are so ancient that it is considered officially unusable.

According to the New York Times reports, the Dogfight between the Pakistan and Indian Airforce was actually a test of the capabilities of both of the countries in which Pakistan won and shot down the Indian Mig-21 jet.

The report said that the challenges faced by the Indian Army are not hidden from anyone, in the past five decades, it was the first air strike between the two countries, which was the test of Indian forces and India had to face retaliation compared to such a powerful and capable military. The size of the Pakistan Army is half as compared to the Indian Army and the defense budget is one quarter compared to India.

According to the report, only $ 14 billion out of the US $ 45 billion military budget of India is spent on buying modern weapons and explosives while the rest of the budget is spent on salaries including salaries.

According to reports, Indian Parliamentary Committee member Gauru Gogoi says that the Indian army is forced to carry out military operations in the 21st Century without having modern weapons.

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