6 people Died in California due to Snow Storm

The cold rain and snowfall series hit the California coast on Thursday, after which officials and houses had to take action against the soil and to avoid flood relay, in which the journey became difficult.

This situation spread from the Francisco Bay Area to the Middle Eastern region of Seira Nevada’s mountainous area, Central Coast County and then from Los Angeles to the Middle East.

The snowfall scattered ice sheets on the high-level area of ​​Sawada, whereas the steep sea waves continue running in the coastal zone.

Due to this season, these communities were more concerned where a few days ago the forest fire spread destruction.

The northern town of California in November, resulting in the paradise fire forest, became debris. The Flood Warning was issued here.

People were expelled from the Fibbo area, where government schools were closed.

According to the reports, severe stormy weather since a week has killed at least five people.

Three people, including one child of one year, were killed in a car crash during a sharp rain on Tuesday, which has been published by the Newspaper in San Francisco.

On Wednesday, due to a sharp storm in North California, many trees collapsed, the roads closed and the electrical system was affected.

This heavy rain and then snow storm has caused a lot of trouble for the People from the past few days. Roads remain blocked for many hours due to which people are facing worst Traffic Jams, and a lot of accidents have occurred resulting in the injuries of many people.

According to the reports almost 5 people have been killed in these several accidents due to this severe weather condition. According to another report, a child of one year also died in these accidents due to heavy rain.

The schools and are closed nowadays there. The businesses are closed. People are forced to stay at their home all day. They even can’t go to their work. This kind of snowy weather may look like a paradise on earth, but sometimes it becomes nasty as well.

The government is trying their level best to clean the ice from the roads to avoid these Traffic jams and the accidents caused due to these.

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