Love, support, and defense of one’s nation are all aspects of patriotism. It is a feeling of allegiance to a nation that is our own. This attachment can be understood in terms of various elements of one’s own country, such as its history, culture, and politics. Undoubtedly, a person develops an emotional bond with his home. Consequently, it’s a devotion that comes naturally. I also cherish my country deeply. I’m pleased with Pakistan. Its culture, history, and valiant people. It is my motherland and my favorite nation.

Patriotism is an Admirable Emotion

Patriotism is the feeling of love for our country and people. A true patriot will always give his or her life to protect the security and honor of the nation. Patriotism is the highest human virtue. A man without a soul has no love for his country. A nation cannot last very long if its citizens are unwilling to give their lives in defense of it.

A patriot is someone who loves and respects their nation. Throughout our history, individuals have sacrificed their lives on numerous occasions for their country. Their sacrifice is admirable and worth remembering. Their names must be inscribed in gilded letters throughout history.

In a country, patriotism fosters love, harmony, and stability. Humans are social creatures. The people in his life are intertwined with one another in countless ways. He yearns for the love and harmony of his colleagues as a result.

Except for a few traitors, everyone loves their home and their neighbors. Great emotion and authentic virtue, patriotism is. Every person has a core natural desire to love and respect his country deeply.

“Men love their country, not because it’s great, but because it is their own.” – (Seneca)

The Ideology of Pakistan

I adore my nation, Pakistan, for its philosophy. It was founded on a certain ideology. The Islamic world’s fort and center are Pakistan. We accomplished it in the name of Islam so that we may freely carry out our religious responsibilities in accordance with our own will. Its constitution is entirely based on Islamic values because it is an Islamic state.

When we lived in the sub-continent it was hard for us to maintain our individuality as Muslims. The Hindu community tried tooth and nail to strip us of our rights to live our lives as Muslims. Although as Muslims, we firmly maintained that Islam is a way of life, not just a religion. We don’t just have to follow the teachings of Islam but also shape our lives around it.

Hinduism and Islam are diametrically opposed to one another. They are as different as day and night. Thus they can’t merge together as one or even survive in the same space. If we’d stayed in India, Indians would have clipped our wings. That’s why it was necessary for us to have our separate homeland which visualized itself as our beloved country Pakistan.

In this situation, our future is up to us to decide. In this place, we have freedom in the areas of politics, society, religion, and education. Here, we feel at ease and are free as a bird to live our lives in line with our religious convictions.

Sacrifices made for Pakistan

Many people lost their lives in great numbers when Pakistan was founded. Muslims from areas that were a part of India made the decision to go to Pakistan, the promised country. According to conservative estimates, between one and two million people died and more than fifteen million were uprooted.

The roads were covered with the blood of brave people who believed that Pakistan was worth sacrificing their lives for. They left the homes they grew up in, forfeited their lands, and lost their loved ones because they concluded that Pakistan was the only place they and their offspring could survive and prosper.

The formation of Pakistan was a dream come true for them. Everyone felt the desire to say yes to their own country during the spectacles, which were memorable. These children carried flags around and chanted ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. It’s unfathomable to feel the love they felt at that time for Pakistan. Yet to honor their memories and sacrifices it’s on our shoulders that we treasure this country, give it the love and respect it deserves and work hard to make it a country our predecessors wanted it to be.

Loyalty and Devotion of Quaid e Azam to Pakistan

Quaid e Azam’s love and devotion for Pakistan knew no bounds. He sacrificed his health, his time, his career, and his money to provide us with the land we can call our own. He struggled very hard to make Muslims of the sub-continent believe that a separate homeland for Muslims is as necessary as breathing.

In spite of having tuberculosis and having both of his lungs ruptured like a sieve, Pakistan’s founder Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah persisted in his fight for independence from Pakistan despite his failing health.

If Pakistan’s opponents had even the slightest inkling that the Quaid was unwell, all they’d have needed to do to prevent the British from leaving was to postpone the process, and Mr. Jinnah would have died and there wouldn’t be any Pakistan. Soon after India gained independence, Quaid e Azam passed away as a result of his severe illness and exhaustion.

“India is not a nation, nor a country. It is a subcontinent of nationalities.”― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Pakistani People are enchanting and peaceful

One of my significant reason for loving my country is its people. Pakistanis are a peaceful people. They place a high value on brotherhood, love, and peace. They were taught to treat everyone fairly. There is a sense of brotherhood and unity among the people of Pakistan. For the country to be free, patriotism is crucial. A patriot is always willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country or nation.

Pakistanis love their country so much that they don’t shy away from even sacrificing their lives for it. They’ve proven it over and over again. Mother and homeland are supposedly higher to heaven. There are several instances in history where patriots gave everything—even their lives—to ensure the existence and security of their nation. For instance, Major Shareef Shaheed, Major Raja Aziz Bhatti, Major Tufail Muhammad, Captain Kamal Sher Khan Shaheed, Havaldar Lalak Jan Shaheed, etc are some of the prime examples of heroes who laid their lives for their country.

Pakistanis are very loving and hospitable. Even when foreigners visit our country, we make sure that they feel at home. These foreigners then go back to their countries and tell people about their lovely experiences in Pakistan and the hospitable and congenial nature of Pakistani people.

My Personal love for my country Pakistan

My affection for my nation is really strong. There are several important causes for this affection. I love my country first and foremost because I was born here. It is where I have lived my entire life; it is my motherland. I naturally adore my nation as a result.

My deep love also comes from a place of gratitude. My identity is due to my country, I’m nothing without it. It has provided me with all I can desire in this lifetime. I have been consuming the delectable fruits of my nation. Since I drank its water and consumed its wheat, my body is robust. Its cows’ milk has given me vigor. My country has provided me with an identity, love, home, loved ones, education, and peace.


I love my country because it is a mixture of different people who come from different backgrounds and speak different languages but yet they form a united nation. Pakistan was made by the struggles and sacrifices of our people who saw a bright future in form of this beautiful country. We must cherish our country and work for its betterment and prosperity. Only then we can pay back a sliver of what we owe to our beloved country Pakistan.

“He loves his country best and strives to make it best.” – (Robert G. Ingersoll)

Short essay on why I love Pakistan

Love is a powerful emotion. Man naturally loves his nation of origin. I have the same situation. Pakistan is my dear motherland, so I adore it. It was Allama Iqbal’s dream. To make it a reality, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah fought valiantly against the Hindus and the British. On August 14th, 1947, it first appeared on a global map. God gave Pakistan to us as a gift so that we might transform it into the perfect Muslim state, which is why I adore it.

Pakistan came into existence in the name of Islam. It was based on two nation theory which clearly states that Muslims cannot survive without a separate homeland. Our ancestors made colossal sacrifices in order to gain the freedom that Pakistan provides us. We celebrate our religious festivals and fulfill our religious duties with pride and confidence all thanks to Pakistan. If we were still living in India we would not have this luxury. Pakistan offered us the liberation we deserved as a nation.

Pakistani people also have beautiful hearts. They are helpful, hospitable, sincere, humble, and loving. I adore my nation for its breathtaking landscapes. Swat, Naran, Kaghan, and Murree are just a few of the stunning valleys in Pakistan’s north; I would never want to miss the chance to travel there. Being a Pakistani, I have the luxury of spending my holidays on picturesque hills and doing so cheaply.

My love for my country stems from all these reasons and many more. I adore Pakistan with all my heart and would do anything to see it prosper and grow. May Allah keep evil eyes away from my country and take it to the heights of success. Ameen.