Telenor is the largest service provider and telecommunication company operating in Pakistan – with millions of daily customers which offers different SMS Packages.

Through the provision of excellent services and discounted packages, Telenor has won the heart of millions and continues to win more every day.

To keep up with the needs of the people, Telenor provides customers with many message packages with concessionary prices so they can socialize with their friends and loved ones.

In this article, we will briefly be discussing the validity, subscription codes, prices, and other relevant information of currently running Telenor message packages.

Telenor Prepaid SMS Packages

In this section we are going to discuss Telenor’s Prepaid SMS packages in details divided in three sections Daily, Weekly and Monthly bundles.

Telenor Daily SMS Packages

Telenor has come forward with many affordable SMS packages to make it easier for the customers to communicate with each other easily and fulfill their social needs.

Telenor has made the process of text messages much more convenient and cheaper with its immensely benefitting packages on a day to day basis.

Here’s a table to summarize the information regarding the daily SMS packages Telenor has to offer:

Package SMS On-Net Minutes Price Validity Subscription Code
Daily Messaging Bundle 300 - 2.39 Rs. 1 Day *2*2*1#
Daily SMS Bundle 240 - 4.78 Rs. 1 Day *345*116#
Karachi Offer 1,000 Free Telenor Calls 10 Rs. 1 Day *345*21#
50 Minutes Mini Budget Offer 300 50 minutes 17.93 Rs. 1 Day Through Telenor’s website
100 Minutes Mini Budget Offer 300 100 minutes 21.51 Rs. 1 Day *050#

Note: These offers are applicable to all Telenor Users

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

If you think the daily packages are not fulfilling your social needs, maybe the weekly message packages are the right fit for you!

Not only do these packages offer an increased number of messages, but you also get free MB’s to catch up with your friends and family on WhatsApp!

Here’s a table to summarize the information regarding the weekly Telenor SMS packages:

Package SMS On-Net/Off-Net Minutes Social Media MBs Price Validity Subscription Code
Weekly Messaging Offer 1200 - 100 MB WhatsApp 11.95 Rs 7 days *2*2*2#
SMS Minutes Bundle 700 12 minutes On-net - 14.28 Rs. 7 Days *345*105#
7 Day Mini Budget Offer 1000 500 minutes On-net 50 MBs 102.77 Rs. 7 Days Through Telenor’s website
Weekly Easy Card 150 600 600 minutes On-net 600 MBs 17.93 Rs. 7 Days Load cards provided by the retailer
Haftawaar Sahulat Offer 700 1000 minutes, 70 off-net minutes 100 MB Internet – 350MB Social Pack 170 Rs. 7 Days *5*7#

Note: Social Pack includes Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages

Most customers look out for a monthly relief package so that they can easily exchange messages at discounted rates and be free from subscribing to packages every now and then.

So, if you are an avid texter and are in search of long-term packages, well, these are the perfect message packages for you!

Here’s a table to summarize the cheap monthly message packages Telenor has to offer:

Package SMS Price Social Media MBs On-Net/Off-Net Minutes Validity Subscription Code
Monthly Messaging Bundle 10,000 47.80 Rs. 300MB WhatsApp or Facebook - 30 Days *2*2*3#
Monthly SMS Bundle 6,000 47.80 Rs. - - 30 Days *345*363#
Monthly Easy Card 450 600 450 Rs. 500 MBs – 2,000 MBs WhatsApp 500 On-net, 50 Off-net 30 Days Load cards provided by retailer
Monthly Easy Card 800 3000 800 Rs. 3,000 MBs – 2,000 MBs WhatsApp 3000 On-net, 250 Off-net 30 Days Load cards provided by retailer

Note: All prices are inclusive of tax

Other Telenor SMS Packages

Apart from the listed message offers for a week and month, there are a few other packages offering much more than those.

Here’s a table for the package details:

Package SMS Price Social Media MBs On-Net/Off-Net Minutes Validity Subscription Code
5 Day SMS Bundle 300 8.37 Rs - - 5 Days *345*015# or call 555
15 Day Economy SMS Bundle 800 17 Rs - - 15 Days *345*112#
3 Day All in One Offer 150 30 Rs. 150 On-net, 15 Off-net - 3 Days Through Telenor’s website
3 Day 3 Ka Scene Offer* 500 34.73 Rs. Free On-net FNF numbers 50 MBs 3 Days *030#
15 Day Messaging Bundle 3,500 41.83 Rs - 200MB WhatsApp 15 Days *2*2*5#
Telenor 3/3 Offer 300 46.61 Rs 600 On-net 50 MBs 3 Days Through Telenor’s website
3 Day Sahulat Offer 250 47.8 Rs 250 On-net, 25 Off-net - 3 Days Through Telenor’s website

Note: These all are limited time offers

*  – Offer is valid for Djuice customers only

Telenor Postpaid SMS Packages

If you are subscribed to a postpaid service from Telenor, you might be interested in postpaid SMS bundles and offers.

Here’s a table for a few Telenor SMS packages offered for postpaid customers only:

Package Validity Price SMS Subscription Codes
SMS Bundle 30 30 Days 30 RS 250 *345*761#
SMS Bundle 60 30 Days 60 Rs 600 *345*762#
SMS Bundle 200 30 Days 200 Rs 6000 *345*763#

Telenor SMS Packages by “My Telenor Application”

Telenor is revolutionizing the technology industry every single day. To cut your work out, Telenor has introduced a blazing fast smartphone application – compatible with both Android and iOS.

Through this application, you can activate any Telenor message package you want with a click of a single button. Here are a few details to get you up and running with the application:

Package SMS Price Validity Subscription Method
Weekly SMS Bundle 1200 15.50 Rs 7 Days Through application or Telenor’s website

Telenor also gives you the right to create your own offer in the category titled, “My Offer”. Here’s a screenshot for your ease: