YouTube will ban pranks videos

US Video Sharing Website YouTube has made a big crackdown against conspiracy videos.

According to the details, the largest video sharing website in the world YouTube has decided that the videos based on ‘white lies’ should be put full stop ahead, which appear on the sidebar.

These are the videos in which a variety of unreliable cures or other important issues are advised.

According to YouTube, against the videos of this type, by which people are misguided or to be attained for their purposes, a great crackdown will be done.

Remember that YouTube is currently the world’s largest video sharing website, its users are in billions. Due to its easy access and having billions of users, it is also used for negative purposes.

On January 16, 2019, the YouTube administration was announced to ban videos based on dangerous, painful and emotional content.

YouTube’s administration prohibited uploading videos to the name of the Prank, which in any way can hurt consumer emotions.

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