This startup promises to charge a Car as fast as it takes to fill up a tank of gas

Born in 2014, the young GBatteries has come to CES 2019 ( Consumer Electronics Show ) to introduce its fast charge technology for lithium-ion batteries. It would be able to shorten the time by playing only on software optimization significantly.

Charge the battery of an electric car as quickly as refueling at the pump. The promise is exciting, at least as much as it raises questions. It comes from GBatteries, a Canadian start-up, claiming to have developed an ultra-fast charge technology that works with lithium-ion batteries.

A number of companies and academic research centers are working on solutions to create batteries that can be recharged much faster than they currently are. A course will lift one of the main brakes to the adoption of the electric car.

But the solutions envisaged going through the development of new materials, or as much on the anode and the cathode as the electrolyte. This is particularly the case with StoreDot. But nothing viable has yet come to fruition.

A 60 kWh battery recharged to 50% in 5 minutes.

None of this at GBatteries that ensures drastically lower charging time by using a software optimization of the process on which the company says it has been working for six years. Rather than emitting a direct current, the algorithm developed by the young shoot accelerates or slows down the load taking into account various factors and, in particular, the temperature of the battery plays a crucial role.

With an adapter that would connect to a fast charging station, the start-up announced that it could recharge a battery of 60 kWh, offering 380 km of autonomy to 50% in 5 minutes, and 100% in 10 minutes.

Impressive, it is true, although it can be noted that it usually takes less than ten minutes to refuel an automobile. But all this is still very mysterious and has not been tested in real conditions.

To its credit, GBatteries has a broad investor base, including Airbus Ventures. However, the company does not commit to any specific roadmap for a commercial launch, merely stating that the typical cycle of a car product is about 4 years.

This is going to be the greatest revolution in the automobile industry, and it is also better for our environment as the world is running out of petrol so in the future these kinds of startups will replace the fuel. And it will also help us in keeping our ecosystem free from air pollution.

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