Tata Motors to close production of World’s Cheapest Car

The cheapest car used in India was named Tata Nano. For ten years, the car makers faced difficult situations, but now it has decided to close its production.

The cheapest car in the world is similar to the Hat Jelly Bean of Tata Tino. It is marketed by the famous industrial group Tata in its car manufacturing company. However, the organization has announced that Tata Nano will no longer be developed and its production will be closed entirely from April next year.

According to Tata Motors, the decision is due to the addition of smoke extrusion rules, besides new regulations introduced to the security of vehicles on the streets. According to the company’s decision, after April 2020, Tata Nano will not be provided in the domestic car market for sale.

Tata Nano was offered for sale in 2009 with a loud and noise. At that time, the price of this car was set by the just US $2200, and it was declared the world’s cheapest car. Tata Nano is apparently a small car but has four gates.

Tata Nano manufacture and production was being done by India’s major industrial group Tata Motors head Ratan Tata. Ratan Tata used to think of the introduction of a low-cost car for the ordinary middle-class Indian citizens. Riding on a motorcycle husband and wife traveling on the streets with the purchase of household goods, he was worried by seeing them.

Analysts believe that the Tata Nano car has undoubtedly changed the lives of millions of Indian citizens. Because of this car, a small family may also find happiness in going from one place to another, and it can be regarded as the world’s cheapest car. On the other hand, many critics and analysts have described it as a failed innovation in the car industry.

Tata Industrial Group is active in most businesses worldwide.

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