SAMSUNG to Launch GALAXY S10 in March 2019

Samsung plans to launch the latest Galaxy phone, the Galaxy S10, which is expected to be released between February and March of 2019.

A report released by “The Investor” reveals the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S10, which will come in three cameras on the back like the phone Huawei P20 Pro and there will be three-dimensional sensors, which is similar to what we will see from Apple next year in one of its phones.

 Samsung will choose for its new phone «Galaxy S10» Infinity Display Super AMOLED.

Also, the new Galaxy S10 is expected to come with a biometric fingerprint reader that will be integrated into the front screen, with 3D face recognition technology as available on the iPhone X from rival Apple. The new phone screen will also measure 5.8 For the first model and 6.3 for the second model.

And the memory of the phone will come with a capacity of 6 GB RAM and internal memory capacity between 128/256/64 GB and supports external memory up to 400 GB.

Samsung for the very first time has also planned to launch its Lite version that will have almost the same features that the S10 has except few, and it will be a cheaper version of Samsung Galaxy S10, and its price range should be something between 700-900 USD as per rumors.

Samsung is creating hype of it new upcoming product that will blow the market according to specialists. However, the Samsung officially has not yet announced any date of its release although it is expected in March 2019.

Its various leaked has told us its best features already, but we can not totally rely on that, so let’s wait for the official release of this upcoming beast (Samsung Galaxy S10). We have also collected some of its advantages from various leaks, but these may vary after the official release so you may take it as a guess.

Advantages of the new upcoming Galaxy S10

1. Supports IP68 certified Water resistant to 1.5 meters depth for 30 minutes

 2. Quick Charge 2.0

 3. FM radio

 4. Making a video call using front and rear cameras

 5. Comes with the latest version of the operating system.

 6. Additional microphone to remove noise

 7. Supports fast charging.

 8. Supports wireless charging.

 9. 3 rare cameras.

 10. Finger Print sensor on the screen.

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