ORA R1, this Chinese electric car will cost you only 7,500 euros.

China continues its offensive on the entry-level electric car market, with a new model sold for a price equivalent to 7,500 euros.

Thanks to its industrial power and its proactive policy in the field of renewable energies, China will quickly become a key player in the electric car market. And to equip its millions of motorists, the country will rely heavily on entry-level models — the small city car Ora R1 that has just unveiled the Chinese manufacturer. Great Wall Motor, is one of the first illustrations of this strategy.

It is powered by an electric motor developing 47 horsepower and can reach a speed of 100 km / h. The battery life of 35 kW / h can be up to 312 kilometres. It remains to be seen what this will give to use.

3 years warranty or 120,000 km

In addition to its aggressive price, the Ora R1 is sold with a three-year warranty or 120,000 kilometres for the entire car, and an eight-year warranty or 150,000 km for ” essential components “. Great Wall Motor does not specify whether batteries are heard in these “essential components”.

Customers can buy this electric car live over the Internet without going through a dealer. It is this lack of physical distribution network that allows the manufacturer to offer the Ora R1 at such a low price.

It is currently marketed in China, but Great Wall Motors could try the adventure on another market if successful. One thing is certain; the Ora R1 is probably only the first in a long line of small, electric, low-cost Chinese city cars that will flood the market in the coming decades.

Valeo 48V: an electric car at 7,500 euros

The French equipment manufacturer Valeo took advantage of CES ( Consumer Electronics Show ) to present a prototype of two-seater electric city with a range of 100 km. This car for the Chinese market will be sold for 7500 euros.

An electric car cut for the city, light, very compact, rechargeable in less than four hours, with just enough power and a price under the bar of 10,000 euros. In short, a Smart electric version, but affordable.

The 48V uses a low voltage electrical propulsion system with braking energy recovery developed by Valeo which, according to the company, is ” 20% more economical than existing high voltage solutions “. Only weighing 600 kg, the car is equipped with a battery lithium-ion 14 kWh giving it a range of 100 km. It can reach 100 km / h in top speed, more than enough for daily intercity journeys.

The manufacturer is primarily targeting the Chinese market which represents a huge potential. Indeed, the authorities have decided to focus on electric transport and encourage its development. According to Valeo, 80,000 charging stations already exist in China and 800,000 are coming.

The Chinese government has decided that renewable energy vehicles should represent 12% of annual sales by 2020.

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