LG is going to add a second screen on its Smartphone.

One month away from the Mobile World Congress 2019, the annual high mass of the smartphone, there are rumours of LG’s launch of a smartphone with a second screen. This time it would be an accessory doubling the display area.

LG is preparing to launch a smartphone that will stand out from the crowd and could even create the event in a month. According to our colleagues from citing a confidential source, the Korean manufacturer has developed a new mobile phone with a second screen.

The South Korean manufacturer is expected to take advantage of the highly anticipated Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, ​​from February 25 to 28, to present this new model.

The exact operation is not yet known, but the second screen would be an accessory that would attach to the phone as a holster.

It would double the total size of the display as if a screen was hidden in the protection of your smartphone. You switch protection, and the image appears. LG could name it G8, to integrate it into its main range, or try to distinguish it with another name and reserve the name G8 for a perfect smartphone.

A new Approach to the Second Screen

The idea of ​​a second screen is not new. LG and Samsung have already filed patents for devices with two screens, but in both cases, it was a displayed on the back of the mobile, which covers only part of the surface.

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo is also present, with a patent for a small screen on the back, designed for selfies using the camera at the back.

For its part, the YotaPhone, Russian Yota manufacturer, has a second screen of size almost equal to the first. But unlike the new LG model announced, it is integrated on the back of the mobile and uses e-Ink technology to make it a reader rather than a real smartphone screen.

Only the new Nubia X, from Chinese ZTE, has a second large Oled screen. Again, it is fixed on the back of the mobile, including to compensate for the lack of front camera.

The second screen of LG’s future smartphone would be detachable and equal in size to the main screen. It would, therefore, increase the size of the display, rather than offer limited functionality by returning the device.

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