A Web Browser that is designed for Muslims

A Malaysian company has introduced a new browser for Muslim friendly web experience. The Salam Browser is available in the mobile app and desktop version, and it is equipped with messaging, news and other features, and currently, most of its users belong to Malaysia and Indonesia.

According to a report from the Bloomberg, Hosni Zarina Mohammad Khan, Managing Director of Salam Web Technologies, said that out of 1 billion and 80 crores Muslims he wants at least 10% of them to access this browser.

He said that at present the Web users face challenges from the world’s big technology companies like Google and Facebook, which are not taking any more action against the issue of dangerous materials and false information.

He said, “We want to make the Internet a better place, we know that there is good news on the Internet and even worse, so the Salam web offers a tool that will give you an opportunity to see good on the internet.”

It also includes some Islamic features, such as the hours of prayer and the direction of Khana Kaba. This web browser is developed on Open Source Chromium software, which is also the basis of the Google Chrome Web browser.

According to Hosni Zarina, although the Salam Web is developed by keeping the Muslims in mind but everyone can use it. The Internet can be a dangerous place, so we need an alternate.

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