People of Tharparkar are living below the Poverty Line – Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that one lakh 12 thousand families will get health insurance cards in Tharparkar, they will try to bring health cards to people of Tharparkar, start mobile hospitals in Tharparkar and will have 2 large vehicles, the mobile hospital across the entire province. Vehicles will run while 4 ambulances will also be provided.

He said that black gold has been placed in Tharparkar, coal is present, our decision will be the first right of the area, which will be taken from backward areas. We have decided that we will change all policies, we will try first to start development in backward areas.

The Prime Minister announced the immediate implementation of 100 RO plant in the Tharparkar said that:

“Even if required, more RO plants will be installed, RO plants will run on solar and people will get electricity”.

Imran Khan said, first of all, will focus on the Tharparkar because you have left behind, half of the population in Tharparkar is of those who belong to Hindu religion, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians. Muslims are being oppressed in India, minorities tortured Targeted, our government is standing in all Pakistan with minorities.

Someone is thinking that if we make a slave then take the ear to open, I and my nation will fight till the last ball of the match, our army is absolutely ready, I tell India not to do anything.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the gathering in Chacharo and said that after the election, the first party in Pakistan is under fire and election is not happening here, why is it going on in Jharkhand The reason is because Pakistan is the backward region and the people of Tharparkar are living below the poverty line.

The Prime Minister said that the purpose of coming in power is to try to get people out of poverty, and after the 18th amendment, almost all options are with the provinces but health insurance has the authority of the government.

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