Pakistan’s relation with Saudia is entering a new Era – Foreign Minister.

Minister of State for External Affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi says that relations with Saudi Arabia in the previous government were cold.

During the press briefing with Federal Ministers and Advisors in Islamabad, the Foreign Minister said that Saudi Arabia was a trusted friend of Pakistan, but it was vacant, the relations between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were cold.

The Foreign Minister said that Saudi Arabia has always been there for Pakistan’s assistance in difficult times, Saudi Arabia provided $ 3 billion in line with the balance of payment to Pakistan, besides providing oil on the obligation for 3 years. Saudi Arabia is also supporting the Pakistani workforce. We want to get rid of the crisis, and the current government has invested more than the previous governments. In the last ten years, trade partnerships are being established with other Arab countries.

The Foreign Minister further added that:

We want to get rid of confusion, trade partnership is being established in addition to Saudi Arabia, but it is unlikely that if we get some good things, then it is doubled. The RRO is a matter of concern when the country is also inclined to embrace Yemen’s conflict, but clearly wants to tell that Pakistan is not trying to put its back on Yemen dispute.

The Foreign Minister said that Pak-Saudi relations are being entered into a new era, now the practical demonstration of a pleasant change in the country will jump on 16 and 17 February, Saudi Arabia is scheduled to visit a 2-day visit.

Saudi Arabia’s great delegation never came in the history. Meanwhile, at least 8 agreements with Saudi Arabia will be signed. The Counseling Council will be formed to conduct the affairs related to it.

Shahid Mahmood Qureshi said that there was good progress in Afghan talks in Russia, to attend the Munich conference, tomorrow I am going to Germany, where apart from the Afghan President, I will be meeting with Foreign Ministers of Russia, Germany, Uzbekistan, and Canada. The relationship with the United States has been reset, the meeting with Mike Pompeo and Zalmaykhalil was useful.

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