Khursheed Shah offered Nawaz Sharif to get Treatment from Sindh

Khursheed Shah, PPP leader, offered a proposal to Nawaz Sharif in the National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease (NICVD), Sindh government.

Talking to media on the occasion of NICVD in Sukhur, Khursheed Shah said that Nawaz Sharif’s health is bad and his position is not correct, we should respect the judicial decision but Nawaz Sharif should get bail.

Khursheed Shah offered Nawaz Sharif to get the treatment from NICVD while saying that It’s up to him that from where he wants to get treatment. But he wants to come to Sukhur our doors are open for him and NICVD some very good doctors over to cure his disease.

The PPP leader said that the cases are on all, but the Government should hand over, accountability and also give a chance to clean up.

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