India should wait for our Response We will Surprise them – General Asif Ghafoor

The Pak Army has warned India that they have tried to intervene in the borders of Pakistan, now they will wait for the response of Pakistan that will surprise them because our response will be very different, we will determine the location and time of it.

Major General Asif Ghafoor said that India is also showing foolishness in Pakistan’s enmity.

DG ISPR gave press briefing and said,

“I will tell you what happened today and how the Indian media is talking about it.”

During the briefing, he also showed headlines published by various media channels of India.

DG ISPR said that the last Pak-India tension was continuing, the current tension started after the Pulwama Attack.

He said,

“It is an ambiguity that a wise enemy is better than an foolish friend, India also gives proof of its foolishness”.

Major General Asif Ghafoor said that Indian planes have claimed to be staying in Pakistan for 21 minutes, if they have courage then, stay in Pakistan for 21 minutes.

DG ISPR said that after Pulwama, Prime Minister, External Affairs Minister interacted with the people and took them into confidence, after which I had detailed discussions. Major General Asif Ghafoor said that the prime minister had said that if you (India) attacked Pakistan then we would not think of the answer but would answer.

Major General Asif Ghafoor said that the day the tension began, ground force, aerial and naval forces are taking steps according to the method of war preparation. Continuing his point, he said that our army on Line of Control (LOC) is deployed whenever the Indian Army landed a ground way, he would get the same answer we had planned.

DG ISPR said India had engaged Pakistan in two different places, but then infiltrated from third place in Kashmir. Continuing his point, he said that India’s planes took 4 minutes to go to Pakistani boundaries and go out in the LOC.

He said that India has always supported the lie, Pakistan will not answer them, but with the truth.

DG ISPR said India should not show 350 but only 10 dead bodies that they could not. They questioned that if there were any action in the Pakistani boundaries, there were bodies, there would be bloodshed of buildings and mourning or injured or killed.

DG ISPR said that since February 14, since the tension increases, when both sides of the border tend to petrol their own air-conditioning, whose petrol continues.

DG ISPR said that at all times the Combat Air Petrol Mission was held in the atmosphere, the same was last night. He said that even before India came near the border, but they did not come close to where we felt it would enter Pakistan’s boundaries.

DG ISPR said that our compartment at Air was on Air Petrol Mission when the Indian plane first came to the radar in the Sialkot area, which was moving towards the limits on which our petrol team had They have challenged these planes and they could not enter the Pakistani boundaries, at 7,8 miles away.

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