Check, download, and print your PESCO bill online from the comfort of your home. Now, there’s no need to keep a record of original bills or pay late fee surcharges for not receiving your electricity bill on time. With the PESCO Online Bill Check service, every consumer can quickly check the billing amount, due date, and transaction history for free of cost. 

Since the Pesco duplicate bill is an exact copy of your original electricity bill, it contains all the necessary information about unit consumption, remaining balance, payable amount, etc. Given this, a copy of your online bill can be used for making corrections, resolving payment issues, and keeping the payment and consumption track for future records. 

So keep reading the article to learn the correct method to check, download, and print PESCO bills online. Also, we’ll mention the method of paying your PESCO online bills in detail so read by the end! 

How to check the PESCO bill online? 

There are mainly two main methods which are used to check your PESCO bill online. The first one is by using the 14-digit reference number which is generally mentioned on the top left corner of your electricity bills, below the TARIFF. The reference number also contains an alphabet, in addition to 14 digits, which is generally written on the right side of the numeral code.

For those who don’t know, the reference number is a unique code assigned by the power distribution company to locate your consumer account. To check your PESCO online bill by using your reference number, you need to follow the given steps; 

  • Visit the official PESCO website and navigate to the check bill section 
  • Enter your reference number in the designated field and click the submit or check bill section
  • As soon as you press the button, a new tab will open on your screen, stating your latest billing amount and due date. To check other details about unit consumption and previous billing status, click the view full bill button. 
  • To download this duplicate PESCO bill in your system storage, click the save as pdf button or hit the drop-down icon. 
  • To print the PESCO duplicate bill, click the print now button or press Ctrl+P. 

Besides the reference number, there’s also another way to view, download, and print your PESCO bill online. This is done by using your consumer ID which is a 10-digit code and assigned by the power company to identify individual users. The consumer ID is also mentioned on the top left corner of the electricity bill, on the right of the reference number and it doesn’t contain any alphabet character. To check your PESCO bill online by consumer ID, follow the steps given below; 

  • Visit the PESCO official website and go to check the bill section
  • Select the check by consumer ID option and enter the 10-digit code in the designated field.
  • After entering your consumer ID, press the check bill button to view your latest electricity bill. 

The remaining method for viewing the full bill and downloading/printing the duplicate bill is the same as that for the reference number. Remember that you can’t check your PESCO bill online without a reference number or consumer ID so if you don’t know about these entities, visit the nearest PESCO customer service center for help. 

Other ways to check your PESCO bill

As mentioned before, there’s no other way to check your PESCO bill online without a reference number or customer ID. Knowing your meter number, CNIC, or connection details won’t be of any help in this regard. 

However, there’s still a way (not exactly online) with which you can get information about the PESCO bill; by registering yourself for the SMS and email service. These services enable a PESCO consumer to receive his latest electricity bill via email or SMS, even before he receives the paper bill. 

This in turn, not only allows you to check and manage the electricity bills through mobile devices but also to keep track of your monthly utility expenses. 

However, as a PESCO consumer, you first need to register yourself for these services at the official PESCO website. Once enrolled, you’ll be able to receive notifications and reminders about your billing amount and due date via SMS or email. All you need to do is follow some simple steps as follows; 

  • Visit the official PESCO website and navigate to sms service section
  • Enter your 14-digit reference number and mobile number in the designated fields and that’s it! 

How to pay your PESCO bill online?

There are numerous ways to pay your PESCO bill online. Some of these methods are as follows; 

  • Through JazzCash and EasyPaisa

If you have an account on EasyPaisa or JazzCash with enough balance, you can pay your PESCO bill online by following the given steps; 

  1. Log in to your account by entering your email address and password. 
  2. Navigate to the bill payments section and choose the electricity bill. 
  3. Select PESCO as your power distribution company from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Enter information about your consumer number, reference number, account number, etc. in the designated fields and click the Pay Now button. 
  5. As soon as you press the pay now button, your PESCO bill will be paid and you’ll receive a receipt that you can save for future reference. 
  • Through internet banking

If you have an account in any popular bank, you can use the facility of Internet banking to pay your PESCO bills online from the comfort of your home. For this purpose, you need to download the corresponding banking app on your mobile or computer, create an account, and follow the given steps; 

  • Log in to your account by using your password and username. 
  • On the homepage, you’ll find the option for bill payments. Click it and choose the utility category. 
  • Select PESCO as your power supply company from the drop-down menu and add your entries (reference number, consumer ID, etc.) in the designated field 
  • Double-check the information and click on the pay now button. 

How to calculate the PESCO bill online? 

The internet has made it possible for PESCO consumers to calculate their electricity bills online by using the PESCO online bill calculator websites or the official PESCO website. For this purpose, you need to follow some simple steps given below; 

  • Visit the official PESCO website or any online bill-calculating website and choose PESCO from the drop-down menu. 
  • Choose your connection type (residential/industrial/commercial) and also select your phase. 
  • After this, enter the units you have consumed in the last month
  • Add all the sale charges and service taxes to the calculated amount to get to know about your final PESCO bill. 

On calculating your PESCO bill from the official PESCO website, you don’t have to add sales taxes individually as the system automatically adds these values according to the latest rates. 

About PESCO 

Peshawar Electric Supply Company or PESCO is a government-owned power distribution company that is regulated under the rules of NEPRA. The company is responsible for ensuring an efficient and smooth power supply to around 3.8 million customers across various districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

The company is divided into eight organizational areas that cover an area of around 1,204,621 hectares in total. These organization circles include Swar Circle, Swabi Circle, DI Khan Circle, Bannu Circle, Peshawar Circle, Mardan Circle, Hazara 1 Circle, Hazara 2 Circle, and Khyber Circle.