The Purpose of Free and Easy VISA policy is to Welcome Businessmen and Tourists.

Chairman of the Young President Organization Pascal Jarkan, praised Prime Minister Imran Khan and government’s decision to open the gate for the world while Imran Khan said that the government’s free and comfortable visa policy is aimed to welcome the businessmen and tourists.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomed the delegation of chairmanship of the Young President Organization.

Chairman of the Young President Organization, Pascal Jarkan, was present in the meeting.

The easy entry for the tourists in the country is the best policy.

Pascal Jerkan

Pascal Jarkan informed the Prime Minister Imran Khan about the network for the world of organization and appreciated the government’s decision to open Pakistan for the world, and said that ease of access to Pakistan is a great policy.

On this occasion, Prime Minister highlighted Pakistan’s potential in tourism.

The Government’s free and comfortable visa policy aims to welcome businessmen and tourists.

Prime Minister.

Imran Khan said that the government had given special attention to making businesses easier, the government has presented a comprehensive visa, aims to welcome people in business and tourists.

Remember, on 24th January, in the Prime Minister’s meeting it was decided to soften visa conditions for 97 countries.

Imran Khan said that:

Access of the world to Pakistan would be easy. We have to make Pakistan attractive for the tourists and investors. Visa conditions will be softened for worldwide traders and investors who will come to Pakistan.

Later the Federal Foreign Minister announced the new visa policy for tourists, saying that tourists from 50 countries will get the visa on arrival and 175 countries will get E Visa facility.

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