Pakistan’s First Transgender film festival will be held in June

For the first time in Pakistan, the Transgender Film Festival is going to be held in June to show their problems.

This festival will be held in June this year under the ‘The Gender Guardian,’ a non-governmental organization working for the rights of Transgenders.

Asif Shahzad, an official of the organization, told the media that the festival would be held in Lahore on June 16.

According to Asif Shahzad, the festival will not include Pakistani but also foreign films. Movies will show up to 7 minutes to 15 minutes.

According to Asif, the best movie of the seven-minute film will be rewarded for one lakh rupees along with the certificates.

He said that attempts were made to ban films from India for the festival. The event is currently in the starting phase so the entries will be received by May.

Describing the goals of the festival, Asif Shehzad said that transgenders in Pakistan are considered to be the poorest class of society, but the fact is that they also have talent like ordinary people.

“This talent is just hidden,”

he said.

But thanks for the last few years, their rights and problems started talking openly. It had no imagination or any importance.

According to Asif Shehzad, there are many such tasks to make Transgender’s identification card, opening the school for them and getting government jobs. Which are examples that ideas related to Pakistani society are changing.

Asif Shahzad on a question said that the festival aims to bring the hidden talent. We want to provide a platform to youth where they can express their talent or their ability. We are contacting students on University and College Level who are interested in film production. Along with this festival, society will also get awareness from problems related to Transgenders.

He said that this is a major problem that there is no platform for describing their problems and the film festival will give them a full chance.

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