75% of Indian thinks Pakistan is a threat to India: Survey

A fresh study conducted in India has shown that the majority of the people are satisfied with the future economic opportunities and the country’s direction for the next generation. Majority of the country’s citizens are happy the way the country is growing and progressing forward. It has been revealed in a report released on March 25 by Pew Research.

The majority of Indian people are also happy with the economic opportunities available for the next generation, although the satisfaction of citizens has decreased over the past few years regarding economics opportunities for the next generations.

Last year, 2521 people participated in this survey from India. The lack of employment opportunities is still the biggest problem Indians are facing. More than 75% of the participant of the survey said that during the period of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there was no change in this situation, despite the fact that Job opportunities were Modi’s biggest election slogan.

Three-quarters of people involved in the survey believe that Pakistan is a threat to India. Terrorism has grown in the past few years in the opinion of 59% of participants. However, in the light of this study, it can be said that Pakistan and terror concerns were also significant in India before the attack on Indian convey in Indian occupied Kashmir in February this year. 54 percent of the respondents in this survey said that they are satisfied with democracy in the country.

Next General Election is starting from April 11 in India. The current Prime Minister Narendra Modi is favorite for becoming prime minister one more time, but his submission on his political rivals is decreasing.

According to a few recent studies of Public opinions, it is likely that the Hindu nationalist party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, could not get a clear majority in the parliament. In the context of the Pulwama attack, tensions with traditional rival Pakistan has diverted focus from major problems within the country to national security issues.

Due to tensions with Pakistan Modi and his nationalist party have benefited significantly. The critics have criticized for a long time that the BJP is spreading fear in the Muslim minorities of the country and has fueled the Hindu nationalist agenda although BJP rejects allegations. Indian population comprises 1.3 billion people, out of which 14 percent are Muslims.

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