Pak Navy stopped Indian Submarine from Entering Pakistani waters

India is also facing failure on the seafront after the airline, the Navy spokesperson says that Pakistan has prevented Indian Submarine from entering to the boundaries of Pakistan.

The Spokesperson of the Pakistan Navy says that the Navy with high professional skills, touched every moment, successfully trapped Indian submarines and prevented it from entering Pakistan’s water boundaries.

According to the Navy Spokesperson, keeping the government’s policy to maintain peace, Indian submarines have not been targeted, which is a proof of Pakistan’s peace.

Spokesman Pak Navy says it is the second opportunity since November 2016 when the Pak Navy traced Indian submarines.

According to the spokesperson, the Navy failed to endeavor to keep its presence in Indian subcontinent secretly and the Indian Navy’s failure to trace Indian submarines with the Pak Navy’s modern technology.

The spokesperson further added that this incident should be attained by peace, while getting a lesson from this incident, India should also be attending peace, this important act is a proof of the Pakistan Navy’s high capabilities.

The Navy said the Pak Navy is ready for the defense of Pakistan’s border boundaries and is capable of responding to any aggression of enemies.

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