Lahore Torture Case: Both Husband and Wife are drug addict

Lahore torture case

In the domestic violence case in Lahore, the accused arrested has made big revelations in front of the police.

According to the police, both the wife and husband are a heroin addict. The main accused, Faisal revealed that he lost consciousness due to excessive use of ice and didn’t remember when he abused his wife and shaved her head with the help of the house employees.

On Tuesday night, Faisal tortured his wife Asma Aziz for refusing to dance in front of his friends and later shaved her head. Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireenn Mazari and IG Punjab Amjad Javed Salimi took notice of the incident after which the woman’s husband and the employee of the house were arrested.

Asma Aziz posted a video on social media that her husband Mian Faisal brought friends home and asked her to dance in front of them. Asma rejected to dance in front of his friends and he tortured her and hit with the pipes. Later he undressed her with the help of house employees and shaved her head.

The woman further said that the violence was routine and that night it was extreme. Later she escaped the house and reached the police station and tried to file an FIR but police asked for money to file a case against her husband. Later the police registered a case under minor provisions which benefited the accused.

Federal Minister for Human Rights Sheran Mazari confirmed on Twitter that Two people including woman’s husband have been arrested.

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