Initial Postmortem report of deceased in Sahiwal Incident released

The preliminary Postmortem report of those who died in the encounter of Sahiwal was released while the Punjab government has formed the JIT for the incident.

According to the police department’s anti-terrorism (CTD) action near Qaderabad area, the initial Postmortem report was released, according to which 13-year-old baby girl Arbab Kale took 6 bullets, car driver Moussa took10 bullets. 4 children were injured, and their mother Nabeela Bibi, and Khalil took 13 bullets.

On the other hand, the children who were injured in the CTD action were shifted to Lahore, where they were being given general medical aid, Umair, Munibah, and Hadiah were brought to a government hospital. The injured person was shot in the straight leg, the hand of the man was injured due to the wreck of the vehicle.

Last night, four people were killed, and three others were injured in alleged CTD encounter near tool plaza in Sahiwal. Among the victims, a woman Nabeela, her husband Mohammad Khalil and his 13-year-old daughter was killed in that action. The fourth person was Khalil’s friend. This whole family was a resident of Lahore who was going to attend the marriage ceremony.

CTD declared all those who died in the preliminary statement as terrorists of (ISIS). Four people were killed due to police firing. However, no police were injured.

The police said three children were recovered from the occupation of the carriers. However, the situation was changed when the bodies and injured children were moved to DHQ Hospital, where medical aid was provided to the injured.

When the children’s statement was taken, he said that the deceased included his father, mother, elder sister and father’s friend. They were going to Lahore to meet relatives when the police fired on their car on the way. Children said that Papa said to the police, Please take our money but don’t kill us but they started shooting.

The police said no weapons were recovered from the vehicle.
A police officer on the scene says the bodies did not even have a pistol then why police opened fire on them.

According to the report issued by the CTD, the dead were terrorists, who belonged to the banned organization ISIS.

The CTD team also said that he took possession of suicide bombs, hand grenades and other weapons including rifles. There were motorcycles of the other two terrorists with them who managed to escape.

According to spokesman CTD, the network was involved in dozens of murders and incidents of bombings, a crew of this group was killed in the incident. In this case, his second partner, Adil Hafeez, was murdered in Faisalabad. These people were involved in the killing of three ISI officers in Multan and a police officer in Faisalabad.

Umair Khalil said that they were going to the village of Burewala to participate in uncle’s marriage, but after killing the parents, the police left them on a petrol pump.

Prime Minister’s notice, demanded Report

On the other hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of the incident and demanded immediate report from Punjab Chief Minister.

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