CTD police personnels arrested and JIT formed to investigate Sahiwal Incident

A family was going to Burewala from Lahore to attend a wedding. The Anti Terrorism Police started firing at the car without any reason. The people in the car had no weapons or anything that goes against the country laws.

There were 5 people in the car including 3 childer a husband and a wife. Due to the firing, the Husband and wife were dead at the spot.

According to the little boy that was in the car, they were going to the village to attend their Uncle’s wedding when police started firing on his parents on the way in Sahiwal.

IG Punjab Amjad Javaid Saleemi has formed a JIT for investigation on the incident in Sahiwal that took place today.

DIG Zulfiqar Hameed will be the JIT head while members of ISI, MI and IB will join the JIT. JIT will submit a report in three days after the investigation.

Remember that today, four people, including two women were killed in alleged counterfeit competition, a child in the car was also injured, there were apparent contradictions in the scene of the police and CTD personnel.

The child who was injured during the operation told that uncle was going to Burewala Wala from Lahore. While the brother of the deceased Khalil, talking to the media, said that Khalil had a Shop in Chungi Amar Sidhu, and we were going to Lahore on three vehicles. When I reached Sahiwal, I called him, but his mobile was off. And then I called on 15, but the Police said we don’t know about this incident.

On the horrific incident, he went to Vedas DHQ Hospital Sahiwal and protested against the incident.
The angry family closed the Faisalabad road from both sides.

The protest was also carried out in Lahore on the incident; protesters closed Lahore to Kasur road near Chungi Amar Sadhu Metro Station. Due to protests, a significant number of Traffic Wardens were deployed while traffic was diverted to alternative routes.

The neighbours of the people killed in the Sahiwal Incident said that they were living in this area from 30-35 years. They said we know them very well. They also have a shop here. They were innocently killed.

The whole social Media is against it now, and people are demanding that the culprits should be shot to death publicly in front of this innocent family.

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