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Telenor has been the leading 3G and 4G provider in Pakistan for the last few years and has millions of daily internet users.

Telenor Internet Packages are not limited to lesser volumes (MBs) at higher prices. Rather, Telenor Internet Packages offer what other services lack – higher volume (MBs) in cheaper rates.

Here, we will be discussing different Telenor Internet Packages, their rates, subscription codes, and other information related to a package.

Before we get into it. Telenor Internet Packages are distributed into several different categories – daily, weekly, and monthly prepaid packages and postpaid packages populated with 4G, 3G, and 2G bundles.

Telenor Prepaid Internet Packages

Telenor Daily Internet Package

Telenor Daily Internet Packages 0offer blazingly fast internet services to its users, along with a larger volume and affordable rates.

If you’re an avid social media user, the Social Pack is the best Telenor Internet Package for you! With the faster 4G service in your hand, you’re free to use Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp for hours.

Here’s a summarized table for Telenor’s daily Internet Packages:

PackageVolume(MBs/GBs)Price(Rs.)Validity(Hour/Day)Activation Code
Social Pack 50 MB 1 Rs. 1 Day *311#
Telenor Video Bundle 500 MB 8 Rs. 1 Hour *60#
4G Daily Lite Bundle 50 MB 12 Rs. 1 Day *12#
Raat Din Offer 1.5 GBs 17.93 Rs 12 Hours (12 AM – 12 PM) *150#

Note: These packages are available to users of both Telenor and Djuice.

Social Pack doesn’t cover the charges of using external links from these social media platforms.

Telenor 3 Day Internet Packages

If you feel the daily Telenor Internet Packages do not offer the desired volume of the internet, don’t worry.

Telenor has introduced its 3-day packages as well with far more volume, cheaper rates, and lightning fast 4G internet!

Not only that, but you also get extra MBs for using Facebook which will be amazing if you’re used to using Facebook quite often.

Here’s a summarized table for the 3-day Telenor Internet Package bundles:

PackageVolume(MBs/GBs)Price(Rs.)Validity(Hour/Day)Activation Code
4G 3 Day Bundle 200 MB + 200 MB for Facebook 42 Rs. 3 Day *32#

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

If your internet usage is more often and you’re always on the go, the weekly internet bundles might be the best fit for you!

With even more MBs for usage, you will always be connected to the internet with Telenor’s fast 4G service.

The packages are designed with perfection in mind and you won’t have trouble with the volume or the price anytime soon.

Here’s a summarized table for Telenor’s weekly internet bundles:

PackageVolume(MBs/GBs)Price(Rs.)Validity(Hour/Day)Activation Code
4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Bundle 2,500 MB 85 Rs. Weekly (1 AM –7 PM) *345*144#
Dhamal Internet Offer 2,000 MB 85 Rs. 7 Days *812#
4G Weekly Bundle 750 MB 89.63 Rs. incl. tax Weekly *72#
4G Weekly Super 2,000 MB + 500 MB (WhatsApp/Goonj/Gamebox) 119.50 Rs. 7 Days *288#
4G Weekly Ultra 5,000MB + 1,000MB Goonj/Gamebox 167.30 Rs. 7 Days *336#
4G Weekly Ultra Plus 10 GB + 2GB on Goonj App 265 Rs. incl. tax 7 Days *255#

Telenor Monthly Internet Package

If you’re not the person to recharge your internet every now and then and prefer a constant stream of MBs for usage, Telenor’s monthly packages are the best!

Telenor wins the race by miles when it comes to internet performance and the rates at which the packages are offered.

The monthly internet packages allow you to use all your social media accounts, browse the web, use YouTube, and so much more as it packs many GBs in one!

Here’s a summarized table for the monthly internet bundles:

PackageVolume(MBs/GBs)Price(Rs.)Validity(Hour/Day)Activation Code
Monthly Social Pack 100 MB + 1,500 MB (Facebook and WhatsApp) 35 Rs. incl. tax 30 Days *911#
Monthly Data Offer 2,000 MB + 1,000 MB (WhatsApp/Goonj/Gamebox) 200 Rs. Inc. tax 30 Days *301#
4G Monthly Starter Bundle 4,000 MB + 4,000 MB (1AM – 7PM) 298.75 Rs. incl. tax 30 Days *302#
4G Monthly Ultra 10 GB + 10 GB (12AM – 8AM) 450 Rs. Incl. tax 30 Days *335#
4G Monthly Bundle 9 GB 597 Rs. Incl. tax 30 Days *303#
4G Monthly Plus Bundle 10 GB 750 Rs. 30 Days *345*136#

Telenor Special Internet Packages

Telenor offers its new or old users’ special packages throughout the month.

The offer we’ve listed below is offered to all users newly joining the Telenor platform. The offer can be availed by recharging a balance of Rs. 100 and dialing the specified code. Here are the package details:

PackageVolume(MBs/GBs)Price(Rs.)Validity(Hour/Day)Activation Code
FREE 2GB Offer 2 GB 1 Paisa 2 Days *954#

Telenor Internet SIM

Telenor has introduced a fairly new feature, an Internet SIM.

Unlike the normal SIMs, these SIMs are only capable of using the data and allowing the users to use the internet freely.

It is inserted into the phone like a normal SIM and can also be used with other internet devices be it Telenor’s or not.

PackageVolume(MBs/GBs)Price(Rs.)Validity(Hour/Day)Activation Code
Monthly Budget 9 GB 597.50 Rs 30 Days *345*2001#
Monthly Starter 15 GB 750 Rs. 30 Days *345*2002#
12GB 3 Month Bundle 12 GB (4G/30 Days) 1,000 Rs. 90 Days *345*2003#
Monthly Lite 36 GB + 10 GB (Free Nights from 1AM – 7 AM) 1,500 Rs. 30 Days *345*1001#
Monthly Smart 85 GB + 100 GB (Free Nights from 1AM – 7AM) 2,200 Rs. 30 Days *345*1002#
Monthly Value 150 GB 3,800 Rs. 30 Days *345*1003#

Telenor PostPaid Internet Packages

If you plan on subscribing to Telenor’s postpaid service, here are the bundles you will be needing for the internet:

PackageVolume(MBs/GBs)Price(Rs.)Validity(Hour/Day)Activation Code
Internet 100 150 MB 100 Rs. 1 Day *345*481#
Postpaid Social Bundle Unlimited – Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp 100 Rs. 30 Days *345*486#
Internet 200 300 MB 200 Rs. 30 Days *345*482#
Internet 350 600 MB 350 Rs. 30 Days *345*483#
Internet 600 4 GB 600 Rs. 30 Days *345*484#
Internet 1000 8 GB 1,000 Rs. 30 Days *345*485#

Telenor 4G Internet Devices

Bundled offers are more personal and not everyone can take advantage of those packages.

To counter this, Telenor has introduced new blazing fast 4G devices which can connect up to 16 devices at the same time!

Here’s a table to summarize the information about various 4G devices:

DevicePrice (Rs.)Number of Devices (which can connect)
3G Wingle 1,000 Rs. 10
4G Wingle 2,200 Rs. 10
4G MiFi 2,800 Rs. 16

The prices displayed in the table are for the device only. In order to use the internet in any one of these, an internet hotspot package has to be subscribed.

Here’s a table for the information regarding Telenor’s 4G mobile broadband:

PackageVolume (MBs/GBs)Price(Rs.)Validity(Hour/Day)Activation Code
4G Monthly Lite 36GB + 100 GB (Free Nights from 1AM to 7AM) 1,500 Rs. Monthly *345*1001#
4G Monthly Smart 85GB + 100GB (Free Nights from 1AM to 7AM) 2,200 Rs. Monthly *345*1002#
4G Monthly Value 150GB (Limited time) 3,800 Rs. 30 Days *345*1003#
4G 3 Month Bundle 108 GB (36GB / 30 Days) 4,000 Rs. 90 Days *345*1005#
4G Monthly Unlimited 275 GB 6,000 Rs. Monthly *345*1004#

These offers are only eligible for customers on Telenor Hotspot Prepaid Package and can be subscribed more than once in a single month.


This concludes our list of Telenor’s Internet Packages. Hope we’ve departed the right information and allowed you to connect with the web in no time!


A few terms and conditions which apply to all packages are: (directly quoted from Telenor’s own website)

  • Default rate usage without subscribing to bundles will be charged at Rs12/MB on 3G & 4G.
  • Default rate usage without subscribing to bundles will be charged at Rs21.5/MB on 2G.
  • After Rs60 of daily charging on default rate, further usage will be completely free for the rest of the day (Fair Usage Policy of 750MB).

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