Jazz SMS Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly SMS Offers


Jazz offers different daily, weekly, monthly sms bundles for it’s prepaid and postpaid customers. SMS, Price, Duration and activation codes for Jazz’s SMS Packages are provided in tables here.

Last updated on June 29th, 2019 at 08:56 am

To keep you connected with your loved ones, Jazz has come up with exciting SMS packages which come with internet MBs and call minutes. Jazz, a merger of both Warid and Mobilink, offers its customers a chance to always stay in touch with the closest people and socialize through their services.

Jazz Prepaid SMS Packages

Without further ado, let’s get into the prepaid Jazz message package details and know all about them.

Jazz Daily SMS Packages

To keep you connected with your friends and family every day, Jazz has introduced some of the best SMS packages so you can chat up using text messages.

Not only SMS’s but these packages also come with call minutes and internet MBs, so you do not need to subscribe to more packages.

Here’s a table for Jazz’s daily message packages:

PackageSMSSocial Media MBsOn-net Minutes or Off-net MinutesPriceValiditySubscription Code
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle 1,800 10MBs WhatsApp - 6 Rs. + Tax 1 Day *334#
Jazz Super F&F Package Unlimited for 1 F&F Number - Unlimited for 1 F&F Number 10 Rs. 1 Day *141*NUMBER#
Daily Karachi Offer 250 250 MBs Unlimited Jazz or Warid 14.34 Rs Same day midnight *400#
  • ‘NUMBER’ is your F&F number

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages

If you text a lot, and the daily offers do not suit you, the weekly offers from Jazz will definitely win you over.

Jazz Weekly Bundle

With an even higher number of SMSs, MBs, and affordable rates, these packages are some of the best which exist.

Here’s a table for the weekly message packages from Jazz:

PackageSMSOn-net/Off-Net MinutesSocial Media MBsPriceValiditySubscription Code
Weekly Bundle-Once off 1,500 - 25 MBs WhatsApp 15 Rs. + Tax 7 Days *101*1*07#
Weekly Bundle Recursive 1,500 - 25 MBs WhatsApp 15 Rs. + Tax 7 Days *507#
Haftawar All Rounder Offer 1,000 1000 Jazz/Warid mnts – 50 mnts other networks 250 MB 100.4 Rs. 7 Days *747#
Haftawar Offer 1,000 1000 minutes Jazz/Warid 100 MB 102 Rs. 7 Days *407#
Weekly All Network 1,000 1,000 mnts Jazz/Warid – 50 mnts other networks 300 MBs 155 Rs. 7 Days *700#
Weekly Super Duper 1,500 1,500 mnts Jazz/Warid – 25 mnts other networks 1,500 MBs 203 Rs. 7 Days *770#
Mega Super Duper Weekly 2,500 1,500 minutes Jazz/Warid – 50 mnts other networks 5,000 MBs 250 Rs. + Tax 7 Days *505#

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Stock up a huge number of SMS’s for a month so you are never disconnected from your friends and family.

Forget the hard work of subscribing again and again, and simply socialize without a problem.

Here’s a table for the monthly message packages Jazz has to offer:

PackageSMSOn-net/Off-Net MinutesSocial Media MBsPriceValiditySubscription Code
Monthly Bundle 12,000 - 5000MB FUP WhatsApp 70 Rs. 30 Days *101*1*02#
Monthly Hybrid 10,000 10,000 minutes Jazz + Warid 1,000 MBs 390 Rs. 30 Days *430#
Monthly Super Duper 2,000 2,000 Jazz/Warid mnts – 100 mnts other networks 2,000 MBs 460 Rs. 30 Days *706#
Monthly All Rounder 1,500 200 minutes all networks 5,000 MBs 596 Rs. 30 Days *2000#
Super Duper Card 2,000 2,000 Jazz/Warid mnts – 150 minutes other networks 2,000 MBs 600 Rs. 30 Days *601# or Load cards available at retailers
Monthly Super Duper Plus 3,000 3,000 Jazz/Warid mnts – 200 minutes other networks 5,000 799 Rs. 30 Days *707#

Jazz Message Packages – Other Offers

If your Jazz SIM has been inactive for 30 days, turn it back on and avail the ‘Sim Lagao Offer’ and get free SMS, MBs and both on-net and off-net minutes now! The offer is valid for 60 days and will fulfill all your socializing needs.

With the purchase of a 4G Sim, you can subscribe to Jazz’s 4G Sim Offer and avail an excellent package full of MBs, SMS’s and minutes, and that too for FREE!

PackageSMSVolume (MBs/GBs)On-net/Off-net MinutesPriceValiditySubscription Code
Sim Lagao Offer 3,000 1,500 MBs (except 9PM-1AM) 3000 Jazz/Warid mnts - 50 mins/day (except 6pm-10pm) 0.06 Rs. 60 Days *551#
4G Sim Offer 4,000 4,000 MBs 400 minutes Jazz or Warid FREE on 4G SIM only 7 Days *443*30#


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