Jazz Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly Internet Offers

Jazz, the merger of Warid and Mobilink, set the foundations for the largest mobile network service provider in Pakistan and it offers a variety of Internet Packages to its users.

To keep customers satisfied and content with the internet and all the needs of the current time, Jazz continuously comes up with amazing packages!

Jazz’s 3G and 4G internet services are blazing fast and have left the competition behind in every aspect of service provision.

For convenience and ease, Jazz’s internet packages are subdivided into daily, hourly, weekly, and monthly packages – each of which provides excellent services.

Jazz Prepaid Internet Packages

The purpose of this article is to get you up and running with Jazz’s prepaid internet offers. You will find bundles, subscription codes, validities, and their prices all listed below.

Jazz Daily Internet Package

Keeping your social needs in mind, Jazz has introduced several different packages which last one whole day.

By subscribing to these packages, you can chat up with your friends, post on social media, browse and listen to music. Basically, all you love to do on the internet, you are free to do!

Here’s a table to summarize the daily internet packages from Jazz:

Package Volume Price Validity Subscription Code
Hourly Extreme 2,000 MB 20.32 Rs (Incl. of Tax) Next 2 Hours *846#
Daily Social Recursive 200 MBs (Facebook and WhatsApp) 5.98 Rs (Incl. of Tax) 24 Hours Recursive *455#
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak) 100MBs (24Hrs) - 1100MB in off-peak (2AM-2PM) 24 Rs. (Incl. of Tax) 24 Hours *117*4#
Daily Browser 50 MB 11.95 Rs. (Incl. of Tax) 1 Day *117*11#
Package Free WhatsApp Offer
Price Rs. 0 Incl. Tax
Internet 250 MB free Whatsapp Data on every voice call
Validity 1 Day
How to Subscribe Dial *225#
To check Status Dial *225*2#
To check Info Dial *225*3#
How to Unsubscribe Dial *225*4#

Jazz Weekly Internet Package

If the daily packages do not fill your hunger for data, the weekly packages are the next best fit for you!

With far more MBs on your hand, you are free to explore the internet however you like. Not only that, these packages are incredibly cheap for the quality and amount of internet MBs they provide, so it’s a win-win for you!

Here’s a table for the information regarding the weekly Jazz internet packages:

Package Volume Price Validity Subscription Code
Weekly Premium 2000 MB 132 Rs 7 Days *117*47#
Weekly Mega 4000 MB 192 Rs 7 Days *159*2#
Weekly Mega Plus 10,000 MBs – 5,000 MBs (24Hrs.) 5,000 MBs (2AM-2PM) 239 Rs 7 Days *453#
Weekly Extreme 2,500 MB 71.7 Rs 7 Days (2AM-2PM) *117*14#
Weekly Streamer 750 MB 95.6 Rs 7 Days *117*7#

Jazz Monthly Internet Package

Tired of subscribing to packages every now and then? Subscribe once with the monthly packages and browse for the whole month!

These packages pack a punch as they offer the same high-speed internet, with zero downtime, and affordable rates.

Here’s a table for the monthly Jazz internet packages:

Package Volume Price Validity Subscription Code
Monthly-Browser 2,500 MB 210 Rs. (Incl. of Tax) 30 Days *117*77#
Monthly Mega 4,200 MB 359 Rs. (Incl. of Tax) 30 Days *117*31#
Monthly Mega Plus 7,500 MB 598 Rs. (Incl. of Tax) 30 Days *117*30#
Monthly Supreme 12,000 MB 897 Rs. (Incl. of Tax) 30 Days *117*32#
Monthly Extreme 5,000 MB 120 Rs. (Incl. of Tax) 30 days (2AM-2PM) *117*34#

Jazz Internet Packages – Other Offers

Consider yourself an all-rounder? If you’re in search for packages which offer a little bit of everything. These packages might please you.

Here are a few packages which offer SMS, minutes, and internet MBs:

Package Volume SMS On-Net/Off-Net Minutes Price Validity Subscription Code
Monthly Bundle 5000 MB FUP WhatsApp 12,000 - 70 Rs. 30 Days *101*1*02#
Weekly Bundle-Once off 25 MBs WhatsApp 1,500 - 15 Rs. + Tax 7 Days *101*1*07#
3 Day Extreme 500 MB - - 17.9 Rs (Incl. of Tax) 3 Days (2AM-2PM) *114*14#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle 10 MBs WhatsApp 1,800 - 6 Rs. + Tax 1 Day *334#
Weekly Bundle Recursive 25 MBs WhatsApp 1,500 - 15 Rs. + Tax 7 Days *507#
Mega Super Duper Weekly 5,000 MBs 2,500 1,500 minutes Jazz/Warid – 50 minutes Other networks 250 Rs. + Tax 7 Days *505#
Super Duper Card 2,000 MBs 2,000 2,000 minutes Jazz + Warid – 150 minutes other networks 600 Rs. 30 Days *601# - Load cards available at retailers

Jazz Internet Packages – Music Bundles

Love to listen to music and sing to the melodies? You will have unlimited access to Saavn, with which you can stream audio whenever you want; even download it.

Here are the package details:

Package Volume Price Validity Subscription Code
Jazz Free Music Daily 50 M B + 50 MB Saavn 20 Rs. 24 Hours *502*1*1#
Jazz Free Music Weekly 350 MB + 350 MB Saavn 90 Rs. 7 Days *502*2*1#
Jazz Free Music Monthly 1,500 MB + 1,500 MB Saavn 330 Rs. 30 Days *502*3*1#

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

If you are a postpaid user of Jazz, here are the internet packages you can subscribe to and avail the fastest internet service.

Package Volume Price Validity Subscription Code
Monthly Streamer 2,000 MBs 250 Rs. 30 Days Dial *443#
Monthly Premium 5,000 MBs 500 Rs. 30 Days Dial *443#
Monthly Supreme 14,000 MBs 800 Rs. 30 Days Dial *443#
Monthly Super 24,000 MBs 1,200 Rs. 30 Days Dial *443#
Monthly Ultimate 50,000 MBs 2,200 Rs. 30 Days Dial *443#

Jazz 4G Device Packages

If you travel more frequently or need internet services on the go, you can purchase the broadband devices provided by Jazz.

These devices allow you to connect to multiple devices at once and use the internet without any trouble.

Here are the details for the devices:

Device Price Number of Devices (which can connect)
Super 4G Wingle 2,000 Rs. 8
Super 4G WiFi Device 3,000 Rs. 12 WiFi + 1 USB Tethering

Here are the packages you can subscribe to if you have purchased the device:

Package Volume Price Validity Activation Code
Basic 30 GBs – 15 GB Usable (1AM – 9AM) 999 Rs. 30 Days *117*71#
Regular 60 GBs – 30 GB Usable (1AM – 9AM) 1,500 Rs. 30 Days *117*73#
Heavy 150 GBs – 75 GB Usable (1AM – 9AM) 2,500 Rs. 30 Days *117*74#
3 Months Bundle 36 GB/Month 4,000 Rs. 3 Months *117*15#
6 Months Bundle 75 GB/Month 10,000 Rs. 6 Months *117*16#

Disclaimer: These packages are only valid for broadband devices.

Jazz Add-On:

Think the bundles stated above aren’t enough for you? Get more MBs by subscribing to Add On packages by Jazz.

Package Volume Price Activation Code
Data Add On 1 1,000 MBs 200 Rs. Dial *443#
Data Add On 2 2,000 MBs 300 Rs. Dial *443#
Data Add On 3 4,000 MBs 400 Rs. Dial *443#
Data Add On 4 400 MBs 100 Rs. Dial *443#
6 Months Bundle 75 GB/Month 10,000 Rs. Dial *443#


Jazz has managed to woo its customer base with its blazing fast and high-speed internet and continues to do so with the provision of cheap and affordable internet packages!

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