One million families from FATA districts are provided with health facilities

Sehat Insaf Card

KPK Govt distributed “Sehat Insaf Card” to all families in KPK and Former FATA who holds national Identity Card in the last 6 months. One million families of former FATA districts availed this opportunity and are getting health facility from different hospitals around the country.

Each Family can avail health facilities of up to Rs. 7,20000 annually from the specific Hospitals around the country. There are no age or family members’ restrictions for spending on health via Sehat Insaf Card.

A patient who is admitted in Hospital on Sehat Insaf Card will get a 1,000 Rupees travel allowance three times a year and any patient who dies during the treatment will get 10,000 PKR for the funeral.

Sehat Insaf Card and National Identity card of patients is necessary while admitting to hospital, B-Form of the patients can be used for a child under 18 years of age.

“Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has completed the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan Khan and provided health facilities to more than one million families of former tribal areas which are integrated into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” said Dr. Riyaz Tanoli, Director of KPK Govt’s “Sehat Sahoolat” program. “Prime Minister’s dream of Healthy and developed Pakistan will be fulfilled,” Tanoli added.

He further added that Govt has established help desk in each hospital to guide patients with the procedure who posses Sehat Insaf Card. Govt is closely focusing on women and children from the former FATA to provide them with the best available health facilities.

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