Foreign Office apologizes to give any detail on PM’s US visit

Trump-Khan Meeting

Last updated on August 3rd, 2019 at 10:21 am

Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the US restored relation between US and Pakistan, but he declined to give any details of the issues discussed between Pakistan and the United States.

During a weekly briefing at the Foreign Office, the spokesman said that the expectations associated with the Prime Minister’s visit had produced better results. The apathy between the two countries has ended, and now the relations will move forward.

Responding to a question, Dr. Faisal said that the United States did not ask for “do-more” during the visit, but both countries have their interests.

During the briefing, whenever the spokesperson was asked, “What Pakistan had promised the US that the Trump administration was ready to talk about the restoration of relations, bilateral trade, and other matters with Pakistan?” He replied that he can’t provide any details yet.

Talking to The Citizen, international relations expert Dr. Rifaat Hussain said, “There is nothing to hide in the details of the prime minister’s visit. Talks between the GHQ, ISI and the Pentagon are still ongoing. The situation will be clear only when the results come out.

US-Taliban talks

“Statements from both countries’ leadership have made it clear that the obstacles to the relationship have been removed. The paths of mutual cooperation have also opened, but how this cooperation will proceed is yet to be determined”, Hussain added.

Ali Sarwar Naqvi, a former ambassador to the US, who has been in the United States for five years, said, “There was a high level of discussion on the regional issues especially Afghanistan and Iran between both countries.”

“It will take some time for the details to come out, but Pakistan (in the case of Afghanistan) has certainly assured to use its influence,” he said.

He said that the United States also knows that Pakistan alone cannot do all the work, but its cooperation will be useful.

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