The school is the top-notch place where the destiny of our nation is molded as well as minds are revived. A precious place that imparts knowledge in a well-organized and systematic way to us and leads our upcoming generations. The pivotal factor of our future success is based on the manners, mode, and educational system of our schools.


The place that prepares the legendary minds and the personalities that are ruling the world. It is a happy moment that I am a student of the famous School “DPS & College”. I am greeted by all of my school community when entering the school every morning. There is a happy and family-like environment among faculty and students. Teachers are very cooperative, professional, and kind to us. I learn from the practical atmosphere of my school. The school’s Principal is very caring and leads the school as a father. He is a Ph.D. scholar and a top-rated teacher among other school teachers. He is creating a productive learning environment for us. I am proud of my best school because it has made great humans in this earthly-minded world.

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

Why I truly Love My School?

School is the place where we grow, and learn how we can establish our future. From playschool to primary and then secondary level, there is a clear and managed pathway. We enter school, meet with new people, make friends, enhance social ground and learn how to help others. Our drilling is started from the first day of school such as how to resolve our problems, how to respect others etc. It’s a great place where we know how to love and be loved by others.

School is the ideal place that gives valuable company from youth age to our last breath. Every nation’s base depends on its school system. From this place, we learn to share our happiness and sorrows. How can we perform best in a team and how to rely on others? School is the priority location where we grow our mental health and friendship is also a gift for us. School friendship is always more trustworthy and durable than all other social links. An enjoyable moment with our friends and making future plans by finding novel ways is the beauty of the school. It assists all of us to overcome difficulties and work hard.

My best school has regulated a perfect balance between antique architecture as well as modern technology in education. My school’s building is glorious and the real center of knowledge. The vintage architecture is exposing that the school keeps its traditions alive in this modern era. I love to see my school as it’s the lighthouse of bestowing knowledge and ethical house for us.


Every school is reliable on account of its staff either principal/teacher or peon. The faculty has the authority to break and make the school. The foundation of the school is the expert staff and punctual teachers. If teachers are top-rated and skilled, that school will grow by leaps and bounces. The school outcomes entirely depend on the teachers’ efforts. I am blessed in this regard as my teachers are polite to us, they understand the kids’ issues and provide a valuable solutions. All teachers have achieved higher education from top universities in Pakistan. They have technical knowledge along with spirituality. They are role models for all the students. My school is a superlative place for all. There are several doctors and engineers who have learned from this school. The teaching staff is modern and highly experienced.


As compared to other schools in the region, my school is making a vibrant pathway for students by bringing up-to-date scientific apparatuses. There are well-furnished labs and other equipped classrooms. There are contemporary gadgets in our computer lab. It’s not only focusing on academic education but also contains a big playground. In simple words, my school is emphasized on thorough development of its students. Many proverbs are printed on the walls and different sketches are on all corners. These indications are helpful for all new visitors. There is a clean and safe water system, a well-appointed restroom area, and a sports ground in front of the classrooms. There is a basketball court, a vast library, and many other such books and stationery stores. We friends love to read books that are not part of our studies, I love to read History books. All the books are free-of-cost and accessible to us in our library.

Co-Curricular Activities

My school studies are not restricted to exams and academic performance only. There are various extra activities organized by the school administration. There is no same scale to measure intelligence at my school it’s a vital aspect of why I love to go to my School DPS. There are monthly installments of competitions and students of all subjects participate in the competition. The top three winners get awards and their classes are highlighted more than others. In this way, every student tries to perform best and get prizes. There are annual tournaments of numerous sports including crickets, hokey, basketball, badminton, football, and many others. There are four grounds in my school and all are systematized for sports competitions. My school’s students play different games at the divisional and provincial levels, hence games end with victory.

My School’s Motto

My school’s motto is a consistent statement that is the inspiring object for all the students. It is timeless and applicable to all students whether intelligent or not. It’s unshakable for past, present, or future administration and regulation.  It is a branded statement that is followed by the whole faculty of the school including students.

My school is not only my educational favorite place but also the second home that I established merrily from my childhood. I love to visit my school and meet my school family, spend quality time with my teachers, go to the library, and discuss my upcoming projects with my great leaders. My school’s worth its weight in gold, the place where I met with my close and sincere friends and we set our goals with the guidance of our outstanding tutors.

Did My beloved School train Me?

“There is no limit to your knowledge and love; In the instrument of nature, there is no sweeter song than you”. (Allama Iqbal)

It’s a common query among our people, what your school has taught you? I can’t respond to this query in a single sentence. I am unable to pay the thankful words that are enough for my school teachers’ efforts. The lessons I learned from my school are irreplaceable. The superpower of confident conversation, sympathy, helping others and sharing was taught by my ideal institute.

Scheduled Life

The excellent environment of knowledge trains me on how to take mature decisions in the real world. My school offers an open platform whether I go for daily home tasks or become the perfect personality. When I entered a real public place and open my mind to modern ideals, I felt how much optimistic influence was developed in me from my school. I was not capable to make beneficial decisions if I remained bound to grades only. When you pick different hobbies during your school life, you built yourself up for unexpected and hard challenges. You manage your time and energy. I did the same and regulated my life entirely. This main thing influenced my personality and I take better decisions now. I love to manage my time for my duty work, and also spend some time with my precious family.

Discipline and Conduct

Various characteristics and attributes come from the discipline in life. The order line in life that’s the key to a successful life. I hold discipline during my school life and stayed away from many troubles. That discipline established a positive attitude towards my studies in my school and I always enjoyed the paybacks of my disciplined nature. I gained my studies in a stress-free environment. I kept a regulated and disciplined nature throughout my life and I make beneficial discussions. I got many awards due to my punctuality. In my professional life, this habit proved fruitful. I performed a healthy task during my educational time. I was a really sluggish student at first, but during my 2nd level I met my favorite teacher at my school; he was very polite and prompt. He was my ideal teacher, his company and productive nature attracted me a lot. I used to follow the school rules. That single step proved bounteous to me and today I’m a well-disciplined person in my life.

Early Days of My School Life

I was used to living in the comfortable zone of my home. At the starting days of my school was confused and scared like other children. My early days uncovered the door of newfangled opportunities and novel experiences. I was excited to go to school at first but after some days realized that I have to go on daily bases. That was an uncomfortable and boring experience for me. My playgroup teacher was very friendly and kind to me. She became my friend soon and I shared my lunch with my madam. Then I met with my new fellows and we became friends. We participated in class activities regularly. My madam gave me many awards for my triumph. I loved to go to school and it was a great opportunity for me. Soon my tears of leaving without mom were turned to smiles with my friends and madam. My parents were happy to see my interest and I obtained good results at my first level.

The thing I enjoyed the most during My School Life

School is the first precious place where I polished my artistic skills. I initiated this work as my hobby my school teachers helped me to enhance my skill. I enjoyed various prizes in different competitions. I used to do multiple activities and enjoyed a lot as:

  • Covering my school diaries with brown paper
  • My memorable school trips
  • I was Class Representative and loved to be Duster in-charge
  • Lunchtime gossip with my group of friends
  • School pin drop silence

Exams’ Result

My school life is correctly a valuable and amazing life of my life. My teachers said to me “Duster In-charge”. I enjoyed that title. Still, my school friends call me by this name. We made the best environment for preparing for the examination. Even after performing well in exams, we used to say “Kash Paper hi Jal Jayn”. After any series of tests, we used to pray “O God fulfill this last wish that madam forgets today’s test at her home”. That was a hilarious moment. I enjoyed every level f my school. There are countless sweet memories of my school and my friends.

My Last Day at School

“I wish my school days could have dragged on a little longer, or that I could go back and do it later in life.” – Cara Delevingne

It was one of my luckiest days, I found myself leaving the educational land where I spent 10 years of my shining life. I stepped into a totally different world with a new vision of life. I was feeling time had flown, I just joined this institute and now leaving it. I was a little bit excited to look at the novel challenges. It was hard to say goodbye but finally, that day came into my life. I go with my friend to the library, my classrooms and examination halls. The vivid photos of my school, my principal, the school anthem, sports days, and other memorable days were flashing in my mind. I had learned ‘the change’ from my school so I spent valuable time with legendary people.


“School career is the only thing in life where you join crying and leave crying”

It is difficult to write entirely about my school, it’s the respected place that helps me a lot in leading my successful life. My school offers several debates, festivals, National days, and teamwork opportunities to me. It has gifted me with my best tutors for life and my loyal buddies. I am proud to be a student of this well-known school. I am thankful to my parents who gave me the ability to read at the best school in my town.

10 lines on My School Essay (150 words)

  • I am a student of “The British School”, it is a famous school in my city
  • It contains a spacious and grand building with a beautiful outlook.
  • My school has a well-equipped and furnished science laboratory
  • There are various vast and clean classrooms
  • It’s containing a massive playground, the whole outdoor activities are arranged there because it’s very beautiful and wide ground throughout the city
  • There are more than 50 teachers in my school, and all the teachers are caring and kind to us
  • My school has a large books collection in the huge library
  • There are held several physical educational activities at my school every week
  • It is composed of a polished and well-designed Computer lab
  • We celebrate all festivals at our school
  • I learned a lot of new things from my school, so, I love to go to my beloved school regularly