In order to establish one’s aims and aspirations in life, there’s always someone in the world that one selects to serve as their role model. Consequently, the direction and outlook on life are established. Trying to emulate one’s favorite personality so promotes personal development.

Considering I haven’t encountered a personality as great and ideal as that of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), he’s my favorite personality. All through his lifespan, Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) was regarded as having a moral personality. Long before he learned about Islam, he was referred to as “THE HONEST.”

His Life

In the Saudi Arabian city of Makah, Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) was born. His mother is Bi Bi Amna, and his father is Abdullah. He was 7 years old when his mother departed from the world. His father died before Hazrat Muhammad’s (SAWW) birth.

After his mother passed away, Bi Bi Halima looked after his well-being. Muhammad was upraised by his beloved grandfather “Abdul Muttalib” and his heart favorite uncle Abu Talib. Hazrat Muhammad had a lot of hardships early in his life. He never ever gained the opportunity to learn and get knowledge. But nature and Allah’s invisible touch taught him much more than what he could have learned from a book.

When he was younger age, he was renowned and popular for his candor and honesty. He was sent by Allah to instruct and guide the masses. When he received his recompense from the Prophetic throne, he was 40 years old.

Perspective on Life

Being modest, he didn’t allow his partner to rise up or kiss his hand when they first met. He took a seat where he was with his friends. He played with the children and laughed with his friends while putting them on his lap.

He adored his grandkids and played with them as well as carried them. He typically smiled and detested having to say no. He’d keep mute when posed with a subject he didn’t wish to respond to. He highlighted that Islam is the golden mean and warned against acting out of character.

He accepted all invitations, excuses, and gifts. With great passion, he returned the favor. He attended to the ill and was always the first to welcome visitors. He never spoke before hearing what the other person had to say. He was quite animal-friendly.

Savior of People

Following the establishment of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) began preaching in Arabic to both the inhabitants of Mecca and other communities. He turned into a source of illumination for others who were lost in utter darkness and anarchy.

Although he served as a preacher of Islam and a rescuer, his life was not without difficulty. The adored Prophet of Allah (PBUH) endured a great deal of hardship. He was initially deceived and stabbed by his own people and relatives, yet he withstood it all for the benefit of his Ummah.

His life was chock full of turbulence and disasters. Currently, one-fifth of the world’s population identifies as this great and noble prophet’s devotees.

Achievements of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW)

His accomplishments are so substantial that they could actually span volumes of books. He was named first by Michael O. Hart, author of “The 100 Most Influential Men in History.” He asserts that the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) has achieved the greatest success in both the religious and worldly spheres. In conclusion, he’s the most accomplished individual to have ever been born.

He’s earned the gratitude of all Muslims. Nowadays, everybody wants tranquility in the modern world. Every single person is doing works tirelessly for obtaining his goals, dreams, wealth success, and fame. He was recognized in human history as a significant and Ideal Personality. He got real fame by the grace of Allah Almighty.

Methods of His Preaching Islam

My idolized man proclaimed the Unity of Allah in his religious sermons. He thought himself inside of Mount Hera. In all of Arabia, he tried to spread the Islamic faith. The Arabian populace at that time was very illiterate and stupid.

They did not respect or believe in Hazrat Muhammad’s (SAWW) preaching or the commands of Allah. They had a wide variety of deities they worshipped. In promoting Islam, he ran into a lot of difficulties.

Proclaiming Allah’s unity and spreading Islam’s teachings were his primary goals in life. The holy Quran was revealed to him once he turned 40. The Quran’s rules and principles were imparted to the common folk by him.

How He changed the hearts of people?

In every way, I adore human-made improvements. Avoiding drawing any distinctions based on caste or creed, he committed his life to serving humanity. He all received the same treatment from him. In the then-Arab society, he introduced social, religious, and other reforms.

He laboriously or frantically tried to create an exploitation-free community. As a symbol of their destitution during the Dark Ages, the Arabs would bury their daughters alive. He helped people realize that burying a living thing is a serious sin. He urged Medina’s citizens to get together in order to preserve discipline, peace, and multi-relationships within them.

His Forgiving and Merciful Nature

Our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) had a very forgiving nature. His heart was bigger than the ocean. He’d never keep bitterness in his heart for anyone, even the people who hurt him. In many instances, he showed a tremendous amount of leniency and tolerance toward people.

The residents of Mecca once pledged to have him killed. They apologized and came before him. The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) inquired about their preferred method of treatment. They uttered “Akhun karimun wabnuakhin karim” in unison in response.

“You, our kind-hearted brother. We count on you to behave kindly toward us”.

He then absolved them and freed them. He gave a very important and exceptional illustration of an act of contrition or kindness. Abu Sufian and his wife Hinda received his forgiveness.

The character of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW)

Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) has a distinctive personality. His personality was impeccably clean, flawless, and of the highest caliber. His personality was a more pure blessing than the moon. The sacred texts continue to attest to his character.

His generosity was unusual. Even his dead opponent, who sought to murder him, received love from him. He pardoned the elderly, evil woman who had covertly placed thrones in his path. With a strong belief in Allah, he fought and took participation in several conflicts.

The selflessness of Our Prophet (SAWW)

Prophet (PBUH) was the most selfless person ever. He did not perform any action out of His own free choice or inclination; rather, all of his endeavors and motivations were solely directed at carrying out Allah’s command.

He accomplished everything for the sake of the All-Powerful and lived every day of His life doing it for Allah. The incident of His preaching in the valley of Taif, where adults encouraged misbehaving kids to hurl stones at Him while He was speaking, illustrates the degree of His selflessness. He was soaked in blood and had to flee for his survival. He did not, however, complain to Allah about Him.

Instead, one of His companions tells the story:

“The Prophet (PBUH) resembled a Prophet who was harmed by His people. He wiped the blood from His face and said: ‘O God! Forgive my people, for they know not!” (Bukhari)

Every instant of His life was lived for the benefit of Allah and the dissemination of His message, demonstrating the selflessness in His spirit.


The widespread perception of Islam and the Prophet (PBUH) is that they both promoted violence among people and opposed peace. It has no foundation since Islam is a theology of peace, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) loved peace. He constantly pushed people to choose peace over aggression as a means of resolving their problems because he desired everyone to live in tranquility. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in one of his hadiths,

 “Let us go to rectify the problem and make peace amongst them.” (Bukhari)

Muslims should thus promote His message of peace by citing instances from the steps He took to achieve it.


As a Muslim, no other personality can be as much ideal, worth following, and favorite to me as my most cherished Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). He was the perfect specimen created by Allah (SWT) to lead us out of the darkness. There is no other personality in the world worth loving and following than our beloved Prophet. By following in his footsteps we can achieve not only divine peace but also utmost enlightenment.

Short Essay on My Favorite Personality

Your favorite personality is someone you admire for a variety of traits they exhibit in their personality. In the view of others, a person is distinguished, beautiful, and enticing by particular characteristics and attributes that make him unique. Everyone in this world has a role model in their life that they aspire to be like.

My favorite personality in the world is our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who is the final messenger of Allah to be sent into this earth and to whom the Qur’an was revealed. According to Hazrat Rosey (R.A), the Prophet Muhammad’s wife,

“Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the living example of the Quran, he is an embodiment of the Quran”

The Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the one who embodies all the positive attributes in his personality. Prior to the birth of Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), Arabs were fully engaged in all forms of evil deeds; gloom reigned, and the whole Arab was afflicted by human character flaws. However, a glimmer of hope appeared with the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) began preaching in Arabic to Meccans and others following the birth of Islam. He started to shine a light on those who were surrounded by turmoil and extreme gloom. He served as a preacher of Islam and a rescuer.

The life of our Prophet (PBUH) serves as the best example for all people, pointing us in the direction of prosperity both in this lifetime and the next. Everybody desires tranquility in the current world, yet everyone works tirelessly to get success, celebrity, and wealth.

One must adhere to the noble Islamic principles promulgated by our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), who is the world’s finest teacher, preacher, and mentor, in order to find tranquility in life.