The teacher is a vital role and is an essential person in one’s life. He plays up the foundation of our basic knowledge. He teaches us subject and life-leading norms as well. He’s imparting the knowledge and has durable proficiency to mold our future with the help of his education and acts. A teacher is an ideal personality who stands with us in the entire thick and thins of life when we’ve to take decisions on crucial tasks. He’s the willpower with us. You’re at a great advantage and comfortable to have a particular teacher from your school years throughout your life. He is assisting you to achieve levels in your school, from your first step, he’s playing a role of a Mentor; guiding you even in matters other than academics. He’s the influencer, role model, leader, and even a friend, who’s bringing full of joys of spring.

“Teaching is the highest form of understanding”. (Aristotle)


My Best Sir is educating the students to achieve the top-notch pinnacle of success. I’m a British school student. The school authority is the fullest form of successful people. Plentiful great teachers are tutoring us about studies, extra activities even boosting our creativity. I follow the gallant and successful tutors, but Mr. Tanveer Nandla is capable of judging the aptitude of his students other than education. He’s a very humble person and helps others to upgrade their talent. On account of his polite nature, he’s an apple of every student’s eye in my school.

I was fond of Chemistry and I can’t understand a single definition of Computer. Due to some complex subjects combination, I can’t change my Subject. My parents were anxious about my Computer grades, then he took our first introductory class. His way of conveying the concept is plain and logical. All the students love him and he’s the most trusted teacher by our parents. I’m very grateful to him, with the help of his efforts I’m doing better at the Computer subject. He strives in making a learning environment and having fun side by side.

Characteristics of My Ideal teacher

Sir Tanveer is good-looking, very experienced 33 years old, and has completed his MS in Computer Science. His simple living style is ideal for us and his teaching way is outstanding. All students like his superb thinking, humble behavior, and way of teaching. He’s highly skilled with 12 years of experience in this field. He resolves our technical questions easily.

He has worthy command in other subjects including English and Mathematics. Unlike other teachers in our School, he’s focused on logical views and concepts rather than remembering difficult questions. Many tutors are here, who’re focusing on theorems, writing impositions and formulas but not conveying logical concepts in an understandable way.

My Favorite teacher is very punctual and well-disciplined and provides the kind of instruction that we can follow his opinions. He follows the school’s schedule properly, always comes to our class on time, and knows the significance of time. He holds various commendable and appreciable characteristics that are pursued by students greatly. He has very effective qualities in his personality.

He’s an asset for British Schools, he prepares a lot of students for competitions. Several competitions are held among students and his students get annual awards. I’m very glad to share that I’ve obtained the high-rated first rank in Computer Competition. He has improved the school’s reputation among other academic institutes. He is a shining star in academic and non-academic activities.

He has a unique quality of problems solving. When we discuss complex hurdles, of course, he understands our problem, simply provides us with the solution and eases it for us. That’s why various students discuss their other matters with him. He is a masterpiece and has an extraordinary amount of tolerance. It’s the main feature due to which all students even other staff members consider him “the best teacher”. He illuminates everything with surprising patience and ensures we have understood his point thoroughly.

He isn’t pushy, makes space for us, and allows us to take decisions according to our opinion. He is a very admirable personality in our school. He put a clear balance between academic as well as extracurricular activities. He has paved the track for us. He encourages moral development and students’ participation in non-academic events.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”. (Albert Einstein)

Qualities of the Best Teacher

  • Authoritative Situational Analysis
  • Positive Attitude
  • Command on his own Subject
  • Up-to-date Information
  • Passion
  • Patience
  • Best Evaluator
  • Professional Reader
  • Strong Control and Management in the Class

I am very happy to share that our School admires that my best sir has all these qualities. He looks like an inborn optimist person.

The Uniqueness of My Mentor

My Favorite teacher Mr. Nandla has more extraordinary character than other teachers in my life. He clarifies all the things and loves all the students. He never prefers punishment and doesn’t give us hard time without his efforts. Although, he focuses on hard work but delivers conceptual knowledge to us, and then makes different logical activities that enhance our skills. He doesn’t give us hectic home-works. He isn’t concerned about anybody personally. He hates anger and even with students, his behavior is polite and calm. Every student wants to follow his nature.

He doesn’t like favoritism and gives attention to the whole class equally. He says to be honest with him. If we’re late for any lecture, we are used to making lame excuses to other teachers. He gives us the best time and we don’t need to go for the lie and excuses. All students share their genuine reasons with him. He gives attention if any student is entangled in trouble, he never wits the student’s weakness. He tranquility describes the tough topics unlimited times, even then he repeats the statements and after the students’ satisfaction moves to the next topic.

He’s a great man with sober nature. He tends to keep all his students on an exact positive note. He never exposes the behavior that spoils other people’s moods. He never hurt others and is more concerned with students’ feelings. He has a very good humor sense. His Computer knowledge is vast and he loves to spread his knowledge to others. Besides his subject, he’s also very best at English, Mathematics, and Literature.

Sir Tanveer has achieved the title of “Physician of Mind” in the annual festival. He is superman with top-notch qualities. He is an exceptionally soft-spoken, well-mannered energetic, urbane, polite, studious, and well-dressed person. He treats everybody with equal fondness. He constantly motivates the students. Hence, he has improved the thinking proficiency of various students of my school.

Our class love to take his lecture regularly, the reason behind it is his lenient way to teach. If any student is starting dozing off during his class, he gets the problem within a couple of seconds. He wisely turns the study mode into physical activity for the whole class. He starts conversations other than the lesson and interacts with that student. After the full attention of the whole class, restarts the lesson. We’re very excited about the weekly quiz activity. Once per month, we got the chance of joining our desired group for a quiz session. All students get good grades after his hard work.

He is fond of reading books. He spends his extra time in the library. He never meets doing mindless work such as playing online games or watching TV. He read Novels, life matters-related books, and historic books most of the time. Once we got a chance to visit his home. There was a big library at his home. I brought my favorite book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” from his library. He was very happy to know about my interest. The next day I returned his book and I’m very thankful to him. He motivates others to go for specific hobbies. He focuses on communication skills. He helps others happily. He explains all the topics with different and more than three related examples.

“Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.” –Scott Hayden

In some cases, students can’t attempt the assignments; he provides extra lectures to those students. He never shouts at us. He tends to do extra work for us. He is all in all person. These are some qualities that prioritize him from all other staff members. Everyone is capable to approach him. He isn’t an annoying man. He has all the ideal characteristics.

Final Row

My best Mentor Mr. Nandla isn’t a teacher but also a great and ideal man. All his students love him due to his extraordinary qualities. His struggles for our bright future are amazing. I’m very lucky to be his student. His punctuality, motivation, tends of hard-working for others make him special over other teachers. He always obeys the school rules. I’ll be my best teacher. He has paved many secret ways to success for me. I can’t lose this asset of my life. I always try to follow him. I’ll keep in touch with him next.

Essay on My Best Teacher (Short Essay 150words)

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

  • Good teachers are God’s blessing on the Nation
  • The entire teaching staff of the school is perfect and professional, but my best teacher is Sir Faheem.
  • He teaches us English
  • His teaching way is very impressive and students don’t bunk his class
  • He is a very polite, humble, and hard-working teacher
  • He arranges various extra activities for us including weekly quizzes and competitions
  • His class obtains 1st grade every year, he keeps an eye on every student
  • He always smiles, and he is not an annoying teacher
  • He is s skilled and an expert in his field
  • He always inspires us and explores bright ways of meeting the best future
  • He has a wonderful dressing sense
  • He looks like a perfect personality and a role model in every student’s life
  • We are blessed to have such a lovely teacher in our lives.