Have you accidentally lost or damaged your MEPCO bill? If so, don’t worry since now, we are offering a free and easy-to-use MEPCO online bill check service with which you can not only view your MEPCO bill online but also download a PDF duplicate of it and get it printed into hard form for future reference. 

What is this MEPCO duplicate bill? What is the safe way to check your MEPCO bill online? How can you view, download, and print it out? What are the things required to access your MEPCO online bill? To know the answers to these and many other relevant questions, keep reading the article! 

How to check the MEPCO bill online? 

1- Locating reference no. or customer ID F6

First of all, you need to get a stable internet connection and a supporting device which you can use to visit the official MEPCO or online bill checker website. Once opened the webpage, you’ll be asked to enter either your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit consumer ID. 

For those who don’t know, the reference number is used to locate your MEPCO account and is a combination of your batch number, RU code, and sub-division number. This number is clearly mentioned on the top left corner of your MEPCO electricity bill, right below the TARIFF. 

However, if you are unable to locate the reference number on the bill, visit a nearby MEPCO customer service center or MEPCO online portal with your NIC and previous bills. The representative staff at the center will help you further in finding your reference number. 

2- View MEPCO bill online 

On locating the reference number, enter it into the designated field of the bill checker site and click the check bill button. Within a couple of seconds, your current month’s bill along with the payable amount and due date will be displayed on your screen. However, to view other details about unit consumption, previous bill transactions, payable amount after the due date, etc., click on the view full bill button. 

3- Download and print the MEPCO online bill 

If you want to pay your MEPCO bill via offline payment methods or keep the bill for future reference, you can either download it in PDF form by clicking the Save As PDF button or pressing the drop-down icon. To print the MEPCO duplicate bill into hard form, click the print button or press Ctrl & P. 

4- Accessing old MEPCO bill online 

You can also access your old MEPCO bills in case you have lost the record but need them now to resolve electricity or billing problems. For this purpose, you need to visit the official MEPCO website, enter your reference number or customer ID, and click the check history button. 

Within a few seconds, the system will show your previous MEPCO billing history. However, you can download a certain past duplicate bill only if you have accessed it via the online MEPCO bill-checking service. 

You can use your old MEPCO online bills for one of the following reasons; 

  • To compare tax rates and unit consumption
  • To confirm and resolve the unit miscalculations
  • To adjust bill installments and payments
  • To submit an application for a new MEPCO meter connection

How to check MEPCO bill online without reference number?

It’s true that checking your MEPCO online bill by the reference number is the easiest and safest method out there. However, to facilitate customers who can’t find their reference number for any reason, MEPCO has introduced some other ways of accessing duplicate bills. Two major means of doing so are as follows; 

1- By customer ID 

Apart from reference numbers, you can also use customer ID to check your MEPCO bill online. Your customer ID is also mentioned right beside the reference number on your electricity bill. For this, all you need to do is to follow some simple steps; 

  • Visit the official MEPCO website by clicking the bill.pitc.com.pk/mepcobill 
  • Choose the check bill option and select the customer ID method to access your bill details
  • Enter your 10-digit customer ID in the search bar and press the submit button
  • The current duplicate copy of your MEPCO bill will be displayed on the screen within a few seconds. 

Customer ID is generally mentioned on your MEPCO electricity bills, right below the connection date. This customer ID code never changes and is unique for every customer. 

2- By meter number

As an MEPCO customer, you must have a meter connection and meter number with which the company manages your billing and consumption records uniquely. So, by using this meter number, one can check his MEPCO bill online simply by following the given steps; 

  • Visit the official MEPCO website and enter your meter number in the search bar
  • Within a couple of seconds, your current billing status along with the payable amount and due date will be shown on your screen. 

One thing that is important to mention here is that, unlike customer ID, the meter number can be changed by changing connections or transferring your meter from one place to another. So before you use this method to check your MEPCO duplicate bill online, get certain about your meter number. 

3- By SMS service

Not exactly an online way to check your MEPCO bill, but this method is still the quickest, most efficient, and easiest one. To get to know about your current MEPCO bill via SMS service, all you need to do is; 

  • Send an SMS stating MEPB <space> ‘STMT NO’ <space> ‘METER NO’ <space> ‘DATE OF METER READING’ to 46040

All the required information that needs to be filled in the corresponding spaces can be easily found on your previous electricity bills. As soon as you hit the send button, you’ll receive a reply from MEPCO stating your current billing details and a short copy of your MEPCO duplicate bill. 

How to pay your MEPCO bill online?

MEPCO consumers can pay their electricity bills from the comfort of their homes or on the go by using one of the following means; 

1- JazzCash and EasyPaisa mobile apps

To pay your MEPCO bills online through these Android mobile applications, follow the given steps; 

  • Install any of these apps from the Google Play Store and create a user account by entering your CNIC, mobile number, and email ID. 
  • Login to your user account and navigate to the bill payment option. 
  • Select MEPCO as your electricity distributor company
  • Enter your reference number to load the MEPCO duplicate bill on the screen
  • Choose the preferred payment method and click enter. 

As soon as you press the enter button, your payments will be cleared and you’ll receive a digital receipt. 

2- Digital banking 

Mobile banking also allows MEPCO consumers to pay their electricity bills online as follows; 

  • Go to your banking app on your phone
  • Log in to your accounts by entering passwords, and credentials, and answering security questions. 
  • On logging into your account, you’ll receive an OTP by email. Enter this OTP code in the corresponding field to complete the login process
  • Navigate to the pay bills section, choose MEPCO, bill type, and preferred payment method
  • Enter a 14-digit reference number to generate an MEPCO duplicate bill 
  • Hit the proceed button to complete the billing transaction and get your receipt via email. 

MEPCO duplicate bill information

A MEPCO duplicate bill is the exact copy of the electricity bill that is issued and sent to your home by the company. This online bill typically contains the following information; 

  • Consumer number, customer name, and address
  • The month of the bill 
  • Balance of the previous bill
  • Current charges for consumed electricity 
  • Detail about taxes by government and MEPCO 
  • Due date before which one can pay the bill without any fine fee
  • Payable amount within due date, payable amount after due date, Total FPA, and current bill
  • Date of reading and bill issuance


Multan Electric Power Company or MEPCO is a government-owned, power distribution firm that works under the rules and regulations of NEPRA. The company began working in 1998 and is responsible for ensuring an efficient and smooth electricity distribution across south Punjab, mainly Multan. 

Areas that are covered by MEPCO are Multan, Bahawalnagar, Pakpattan, Rahim Yar Khan, Sahiwal, Khanewal, Dera Ghazi Khan, Bahawalpur, Rajanpur, Layyah, Lodhran, Muzaffargarh, and Vehari.