Have you misplaced your LESCO bill? Or have not received it yet? If so, then there’s nothing to worry about since the LESCO online bill check service has been launched successfully. With this, you can not only view your monthly bill online to check details like due date, due amount, payment status, etc. but can also download and print out a LESCO duplicate bill for making payments and future reference. 

What is the LESCO duplicate bill? What is the correct and safe method to check LESCO bills online? What kind of information do you need to have to view, download, and print the duplicate bill? And what are the additional perks of using a web-based bill-tracking system? To get answers to all these and other relevant questions, keep reading the article! 

What information is provided on LESCO online duplicate bills?

LESCO duplicate bills generated on bill checker software are the exact copy of original LESCO bills thus they also contain the same information. From the LESCO duplicate bill, customers can check the payable amount before and after the due date, payment status, and due date of the electricity bill. 

Besides, they can also check information such as meter readings, used watts in previous and current months, transaction history, meter number, service taxes, reading date, bill issuance date, and connection date. 

How to check and download the LESCO duplicate bill online?

To check a LESCO bill online by reference number, all you need to do is follow the given steps; 

  • Locate the 14-digit reference number on the LESCO bill which is generally mentioned on the top left corner of the electricity bill, right below the TARIFF. This 14-digit reference number is actually a combination of your RU code, batch number, and sub-division number.
  • Once found, type this reference number in the designated search box of the bill tracker and click the submit or check bill button.
  • Within a few seconds, a LESCO Duplicate Bill will be generated by the system and displayed on your screen in a new tab. 
  • Once displayed, click on the print bill button or press Ctrl+P to save your LESCO online bill as a PDF and print it in hard form. 

Besides the reference number, you can also check your LESCO bill with your consumer ID. A consumer ID is also mentioned in the top left corner of your electricity bill, in the form of a 7-digit code. 

Remember that without your consumer ID or reference number, you can’t check your LESCO Bill Online nor can you clear the due payments. However, there’s no need to get both consumer ID and reference number since only one of these values is required to get your LESCO duplicate bill online. 

What if you can’t find reference number or consumer ID on bill?

Since electricity bills come with so many codes and numbers, it could be confusing for someone to find his reference number and consumer ID on it. Even though these details are clearly mentioned on the top right or left corner of your electricity bill, you can get to know about it by visiting the LESCO online portal or the LESCO customer service center. 

LESCO online portal

Visit the official LESCO online portal and click on the view bill option. Enter your name, address details, and consumer ID to locate your LESCO account. Once entered, your reference number will be displayed on the screen along with your account summary. 

LESCO customer service center

If you don’t have access to a stable internet connection or a smart device, you can consider visiting a nearby LESCO customer service center. On arriving there, the customer service staff will ask for your previous LESCO bill or NIC to locate your account and help in retrieving your customer ID and reference number. 

How to Make LESCO Bill Online Payment?

In addition to the LESCO Online Bill Check service, the LESCO Bill Online Payment service is also offered to consumers with which they can make their bill payments through the mobile app or the LESCO website. 

For this, you need to visit the official LESCO website and navigate to the online bill payment section. On doing so, you’ll be directed to a new web page where you need to enter your reference number or customer ID. Lastly, choose the preferred payment method, double-check your information, and confirm the transaction. Also, don’t forget to take a screenshot or save the payment confirmation for future reference. 

To make payments, customers can utilize any online payment method including Internet banking, mobile wallets, and debit/credit cards. Apart from making payments online, below are some other ways to pay LESCO bills in Pakistan; 

  • Via JazzCash/EasyPaisa

In Pakistan, EasyPaisa and JazzCash mobile wallets are quite popular and are used by almost 85% of the entire population. Fortunately, LESCO allows its customers to make their bill payments through these mobile wallets.

For this purpose, they need to visit the corresponding mobile app, select the pay electricity bill option, enter a LESCO reference number, and type the bill amount to clear the payment. 

  • Via banks and ATMs

It’s probably the easiest method for all those consumers who are not so good at using the Internet or computers. You simply need to visit any nearest bank branch and submit your payable amount along with the LESCO bill. You can use both cheques and cash to make payments. Besides, the LESCO Bill can also be paid through the ATMs of some designated banks. 

How to check LESCO online payment status?

To check your LESCO Bill payment status online, here are some simple steps you need to follow; 

  • Visit the official LESCO website https://www.LESCO.gov.pk/ and click on the option of Bill payment > Online bill payment
  • Type your LESCO account number in the designated space after which your online bill will be displayed on the screen
  • Scroll to the section of payment information to check your last payment status along with the date. 
  • If a paid status is being shown, it means your amount has been successfully received by the LESCO. On the other hand, an unpaid status means a failure to make payment.

If your payment status is unpaid even if you’ve paid your LESCO Bill online, visit the LESCO support center or contact the bank that you used to make payment. Besides, you can contact the LESCO headquarters by using the official helpline; 99204814. The helpline can help you make resolutions on incorrect bill payment status, blocked bills, and bill corrections. 

Perks of checking LESCO duplicate bill online 

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it has become quite difficult for almost everyone to keep track of printed bills. Thankfully, the web-based bill checker software has allowed consumers to check and pay their electricity bills online in a hassle-free experience, from the comfort of their homes. 

Not only this but the advanced system also enables you to check your previous transactions, current account balance, due amount, and whether the bill has been paid or not. Some features that make these online bill checker systems sure hit are as follows; 

  • No charges

Most online bill checking systems are completely free to use and you don’t have to pay a subscription or service fee to check your LESCO bills. If you have a stable internet connection and supporting device, you can easily retrieve your LESCO duplicate bill, whether you are at the office, home, college, on the go, or anywhere. 

  • Easy to use

To make these systems usable for everyone, they are developed with a straightforward interface. As soon as you click to open their website, you’ll be directed to the entry page where you just need to enter your 14-digit reference number to check your LESCO Bill online. In addition to this, you don’t have to focus on replicating all the non-numeric characters of your reference number since entering the numeral digits is enough. 

Besides, some LESCO bill checker systems also offer the services of email subscription and maintaining bill library with which you can get your LESCO monthly duplicate bills via email and also access your previous electricity bills in a blink when required. 

About LESCO 

Lahore Electric Supply Company or LESCO is a government electric distribution company that works on supplying electricity to Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara, Nankana, and Kasur. The company provides service to all kinds of customers including residential, businesses, and industries, across the above-mentioned operational districts and surrounding areas.

LESCO is further categorized into various operational units which makes it easier for the firm to efficiently distribute and manage the electricity service. The major operational units organized by LESCO are as follows; 

  • Central Lahore circle

This operational unit comprises seven divisions and 32 sub-divisions. 

  • North Lahore

This operational unit comprises six divisions and 31 sub-divisions.

  • Eastern Lahore

This operational unit is divided into four divisions and 23 sub-divisions. 

  • Southeastern Lahore 

This operational circle comprises six divisions and 27 sub-divisions which contribute to the smooth and efficient distribution of electricity throughout the city.

  • Okara circle

The Okara Circle includes five divisions and 23 subdivisions.

  • Sheikhupura circle

The Sheikhupura Circle comprises four divisions and 18 subdivisions. 

  • Nankana circle

This circle includes four divisions and 16 sub-divisions.

  • Kasur circle

This operational circle comprises five divisions and 30 sub-divisions.