Now the citizens of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and surrounding areas can also check their current electricity bill online for free, from the comfort of their homes. IESCO has recently launched the service of IESCO online bill check with which they can view, download, and print an exact duplicate copy of their electricity bills. 

This in turn saves consumers from late payment surcharges due to not receiving original bills on time or misplacing them accidentally. Whether you are a residential consumer or an industrial or commercial one, this online bill check service is offered to everyone. 

How can you check your IESCO bill online from home? What information is provided on the IESCO duplicate bill? How can you pay your IESCO bill online? To know the answers to these and many other relevant questions, keep reading the article! 

How to check your IESCO bill online?

There are two ways to view your IESCO bill online; by using a reference number and by using a consumer ID. The reference number is a special code that is assigned by your electricity supply company to locate your consumer account and it comprises 14 digits and one alphabetical letter. 

The reference number is unique for every consumer and is mentioned in the top left corner of your electricity bill, right below the TARIFF. On the other hand, the consumer ID is a 10-digit code that is also unique for every consumer and used by the power distribution company to identify each consumer individually. 

Your consumer ID is also mentioned on your electricity bill, right to the reference number. However, if you are unable to locate these entities on the bill, you may consider visiting the nearest IESCO customer service center where the representative staff will assist you. 

After finding out your reference number or consumer ID, you need to follow the simple steps given below; 

  • Visit the official IESCO website and navigate to the check bill section. 
  • Choose the option of either reference number or consumer ID to check your bill after which a new tab will open up on your screen. 
  • Enter either your reference number or consumer ID in the designated space and click the submit or check bill button.
  • Within a few seconds, your latest electricity billing amount and due date will be displayed on your screen. To view the full copy of your original IESCO bill, click the view full bill button
  • Once the full duplicate IESCO bill is opened up on your screen, you can download it to your system storage by pressing the save as pdf button. 
  • To print the duplicate IESCO bill into hard form, press the print bill button. 

By using the same method, one can check and download the online bills for LESCO, PESCO, FESCO, GESCO, K-Electric, and TESCO as well. The only difference is that they need to visit the official websites of their corresponding electric supply company. 

How to pay your IESCO bill online? 

Apart from checking and generating duplicate IESCO bills online, it has also become possible to pay your IESCO bills online without paying an extra service fee. Any mobile user who has access to a stable internet connection can benefit from this facility and pay his electricity bills without waiting in long queues for hours. The best part is that there’s no time limit and consumers can pay their bills any time within the due date. 

Some of the most popular and trusted platforms that can be used to pay IESCO bills online are EasyPaisa, JazzCash, internet banking, one-link ATMs, and NADRA collection points. To pay bills through mobile wallets and Internet banking, you first need to download the corresponding app of the platform on your mobile or computer and create a user account. Once created, follow the given steps to complete the payment process; 

  • Log in to your account by entering your credentials; password, username, email address, etc., and navigate to the Pay Bills section. 
  • Choose electricity or utility as your bill type, from the drop-down menu.
  • Select IESCO as your electric supply company and type your 14-digit reference number in the designated space 
  • After this, a summary of your latest electricity bill will be shown on your screen. Review the transaction by double-checking the information. 
  • Once reviewed, press the Pay Now button. Within seconds, your electricity bill will be paid and you’ll receive an e-receipt confirming your transaction. Save it for future reference. 

The entire process hardly takes 10-15 minutes. In addition to paying bills through mobile apps, you can also check your bill payment history and current bill status using these apps. 

How to calculate your IESCO bill online?

Being able to calculate your IESCO bill online is a smart move as it enables you to get firm control over your monthly expenses. Thus, to help IESCO consumers in this regard, online bill calculators have come around which are completely free to use and give accurate results. To calculate your IESCO bill online using these bill calculators, follow the steps as given; 

  • Visit the official IESCO website or any web-based bill calculator.
  • If you are calculating bills through random bill-calculating websites, choose IESCO as your power distribution company. 
  • Enter the meter readings or unit consumed and choose the tariff category. 
  • You might also be asked to enter other necessary credentials including phase, type, quantity, etc. Once entered, click the calculate bill or submit button. 

On doing so, the calculator will instantly generate the estimated billing amount, according to the latest unit rates, including all the service taxes.  

About IESCO 

Islamabad Electric Supply Company or IESCO is responsible for ensuring a safe, smooth, and efficient distribution, supply, and selling of electricity to around 3.2 million people. The company started working in 1981 as a part of WAPDA. However, later in 1989, it began working as a separate company with the aim of providing top-quality electricity to consumers and generating significant revenue for the government of Pakistan. 

Areas that are covered by IESCO include Islamabad Circle, Rawalpindi Circle, Attock Circle, Chakwal Circle, and Jhelum Circle. To put it in simple words, this power supply company covers a huge area from the Indus to the Neelam River and from Attock to Jhelum, affecting the lives of around 25 million people. 


  • Is it possible to check the bill using the meter number?

No, IESCO consumers cannot check or generate their online bills using the meter number. 

  • Can I view my IESCO bill using my name or address?

No! As an IESCO consumer, you can not view your IESCO bill using your name or address. The only thing that is helpful in this regard is your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit consumer ID. 

  • What is the Helpline number for IESCO?

The helpline number for IESCO is 0519252937.