Whether you have lost, misplaced, or damaged your Hesco bill, there’s nothing to worry about since now you can view, download, and print the latest copy of your Hesco duplicate bill from the comfort of your home. This Hesco online bill check service is available for free of cost, for all the Hesco consumers.

The web-generated duplicate copy of your Hesco bill contains all kinds of essential billing information such as reading date, units consumed in a month, due date, applicable taxes, and overdue payment. 

So keep reading the article to learn the detailed method of checking your bill online. Also, we’ll discuss some safe and quick online methods to pay your electricity bill so you won’t have to stand in long queues for hours. Let’s dive in! 

How to check Hesco online bill? 

To check your Hesco duplicate bill online, you’d need to get one of the two things; consumer ID or reference number. Both these entities are clearly mentioned on your original Hesco bill so just get an old bill to find them out. 

For those who don’t know, the consumer ID is assigned uniquely to every consumer by Hesco which helps the company to identify individual users. It consists of a 10-digit numeral code and is mentioned on the top left corner of the electricity bill. Similarly, the reference number is also allotted to every consumer uniquely by the company and is a 14-digit code with one alphabetical letter. 

The reference number is also mentioned on the top left corner, below the TARIFF and left to the consumer ID. Understandably, locating these two codes among the sea of numeral details, can be somewhat daunting to some users. For their convenience, Hesco customer service centers are located in almost every region of Hyderabad. 

You just need to visit one of the nearest centers and the customer representative staff will help you out to locate the right codes. Once located, you need to follow some of these given steps to view, download, and print your Hesco online bill;

  1. Visit the official Hesco website and go to the check bill online section
  2. Write your 14-digit reference number in the designated field or select the check by consumer ID option, then enter your 10-digit consumer ID in the space provided. 
  3. Once done, click the submit or check bill button. In a few seconds, your current billing amount and due date will be shown at your screens. 
  4. To view additional billing details like transaction history, unit consumed, unit rate, etc. click the view full bill button. 
  5. Once the full duplicate bill is displayed on your screen, press the save as pdf button to download it in your device storage. You can also press the drop down icon to download the Hesco duplicate bill. 
  6. To print the Hesco online bill, click the print button or press Ctrl+P. 

Hesco email and sms bill services

For the convenience of their consumers, Hesco has also launched the service of ebilling with which consumers can receive their online Hesco bills via email. To subscribe for this ebilling service, you need to visit the official Hesco website and provide your details such as email ID and reference number. Resultantly, you’ll receive your monthly electricity bills through email every month. 

Likewise, you can also register for Hesco SMS service with which you can get your billing details and reminders via SMS on your phone. For this purpose, you need to subscribe for the SMS service through the official Hesco website and provide your reference number and mobile number. However, before you register for sms service, make sure your cell number is not converted or ported. 

MyHesco customer portal

Hesco also has a customer portal with which consumers can contact the company for their queries, complaints, and billing details. On visiting MyHesco customer portal, you can view your previous and current electricity bills, make quick online payments, file complaints, submit your meter readings, and access your payment and billing history. 

To subscribe and access this online customer portal, visit  https://customercare.Hesco.gov.pk/ 

How to pay Hesco bills online?

Recently, Hesco has initiated an online bill payment method with which consumers can pay their bills from the comfort of their homes from any bank of Pakistan. Besides banks, you can also pay your electricity bills through mobile apps like EasyPaisa Naya pay, JazzCash, etc.

To pay your Hesco bills online from banks, you just need to log in to your user account by using your credentials and go to the utility bill payment option. Choose Hesco as your electricity supply company and enter your reference number or consumer ID in the designated field. 

After verifying your details, the bank will display your billing amount. Complete the payment by proceeding with the usual bank procedure. 

On the other hand, to pay your Hesco bills online via JazzCash, you need to choose one of the following methods; 

  1. Via JazzCash app
  2. Via JazzCash account
  3. Via JazzCash retailer

Hesco online bill calculator

With Hesco online bill calculator, you can sort your confusions out about miscalculations. To use this bill calculator, all you need to do is;

  1. Visit the official Hesco website by clicking Hesco.gov.pk and navigate to the bill calculator page. 
  2. Enter your 14-digit reference number in the provided field
  3. Input the number of units consumed or simply enter the current and previous meter readings.
  4. View estimated billing amount and projected consumed units. 

This calculator enables users to plan their expenses in advance by providing a sharp estimated cost so they won’t have to suffer on budgeting aspect, in the end of every month. 

About Hesco

Hyderabad electricity supply company or Hesco formed in 1998, after the revamping of WAPDA. This public limited power distribution company is responsible for ensuring a safe and smooth supply of electricity across Hyderabad and surrounding areas which in turn makes the life of over 70 million people easier. 

To cater the electricity needs of such a huge amount of people, Hesco divides its operation into twelve administrative districts and four operational circles. These operational circles include Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Mirpurkhas, and Laar. 

The operation circle of Hyderabad consists of four major divisions and 16 subdivisions whereas the operation circle of Nawabshah consists of three divisions and 21 sub divisions. Likewise, Laar covers five divisions and 19 sub divisions whereas Mirpurkhas covers 3 divisions and 13 sub divisions. 


  • What is the Hesco Helpline Number?

To make a complaint or query, you can call Hesco via code 118. Besides, you may also send an sms to the company using the code 8118. 

  • Can you check your bill using CNIC or meter readings?

No! Any information besides reference number and consumer ID is completely uselessto check your Hesco bills online.