Why do we have a stuffy nose when we have a cold?

The cold usually comes with an uncomfortable feeling of stuffy nose, preventing normal breathing and forcing nose to be continually blowing.

Where does this symptom come from and how to cure it?

The cold is due to the presence of a virus, most often a retrovirus, in the upper airways (nose and pharynx). This results in a set of symptoms: coughing, sneezing, sore throat, tiredness and of course, stuffy nose.

The first cause is the overproduction of mucus, a liquid secreted by the mucus membranes of the nose to trap dust and bacteria. Usually, we produce about one liter of mucus per day, discharged to the throat by the eyelashes of the nasal cavities.

But then, when the virus sticks to the mucus membranes, they will accelerate the production of mucus, the eyelashes then no longer able to evacuate the surplus. And as a result we get stuffy nose.

In parallel, the blood vessels of the nose dilate to let the immune cells to attack the virus. This influx of blood causes swelling of the tissues that prevent the mucus from flowing backward.

This unpleasant feeling of stuffy nose is reinforced by the fact that mucus, made thicker and often yellow, contains a lot of white blood cells. Ultimately, mucus buildup can clog the sinuses and causes sinusitis.

How to cure the stuffy nose?

Contrary to popular belief, the use of a nasal spray improves the situation because it further increases the humidity of the nose and can irritate small vessels very sensitive.

Cold medicines, which contain pseudoephedrine-based decongestants, are also not recommended, especially for children, because of their possible side effects. Inhalation can be carried out, for example, based on eucalyptus or mint, which are reputed for their decongestant properties.

It is also essential to drink a lot to thin the mucus and facilitate its evacuation.

But it you have some kind of allergy or these things have different affect on your body then you are not recommended to try above given solution. You should consult some doctor as soon as possible.

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