The risk of Shisha smoking is not limited to the respiratory system.

The results indicate that shisha not only destroys your respiratory system but also causes you diabetes, obesity and other severe diseases.

The study by experts from the University of Brighton and Sussex in the UK revealed that people who smoke shisha are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than nonsmokers, pointing out that one session of inhaling shisha is much worse than smoking a whole pack of cigarettes.

The study, published in the British Daily Mail and The Telegraph, included a sample of 9,940 participants including 6742 non-smokers, 976 smokers, 864 former cigarette smokers, 1067 former shisha smokers, 41 shisha smokers, and cigarette smokers.

Obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and blood lipids have been positively associated with hookah smoking, while negatively associated with cigarette smoking.

Professor Gordon Ferns, a co-author of the study, confirmed that one session of shisha smoking is equivalent to smoking a full pack of cigarettes and that the number of toxins entering the health may be more significant.

Experts also say that the reason why shisha causes an inflammatory reaction in the body causes obesity and diabetes, and this interaction in the body to make some tissues is also resistant to the effect of insulin hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar.

More about Shisha damage:

(Molasses) Or tobacco smoked in shisha mixed with fruit extract (fruit molasse) and honey (about 70 percent) is very dangerous for health. Tobacco is a powdered mixture of fruit pulp and fresh tobacco leaves.

The mixture of tobacco is available in a variety of flavors, including puffs, apples, apricots, cappuccino, lemon and mint, cherries, grapes, honey, melon, mint, oranges, peaches, berries, strawberries, and melons. The variety of fruit flavors attracts young people and gives the shisha an “innocent” image.

Shisha tobacco is not normally subjected to health supervision. On the cans of tobacco, the fruit, and the sweet smell that is spread in the air with the smoking of tobacco are misleading and give the impression that the mixture is only a natural mixture of fruits that are not harmless.

A new Swedish study, published in the Journal of Periodontology, examined the relationship between gum diseases and smoking habits of hookah and cigarettes. Shisha damage also affects the health of the mouth and teeth.

The study examined 262 people who were divided into several groups of shisha smokers and cigarette smokers. The diseases of gums, oral health were examined. And as a result, they find out that the Shisha smoking does not only causes respiratory system diseases, but it also causes Obesity and diabetes in the human body.

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