Imran Khan ordered to Reform Government Hospitals

Last updated on February 24th, 2019 at 08:26 pm

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the Health Card to improve the system of government hospitals in the country, releasing 2 lakh 13,000 families in Rajanpur district of Punjab. All here are equal, and now rich people will also get treatment here.

Announcing the implementation of the Health Card in Rajanpur, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the region of Rajanpur has been behind all Pakistan and the situation in the people is very bad that the basic facilities are not even available.

He said,

“We want to make such system in which Poor and Rich get the Treatment from Government Hospital.”

Imran Khan said that he and his sisters were born in government hospitals.

He said that we are starting a new beginning today, the basic needs of the human is health, and we are providing justice cards to 213,000 families of Rajanpur, through which they will be able to get treatment of more than 7 lakh rupees.

Imran Khan said that once someone from a poor family comes sick, then all the budget is damaged and therefore we will distribute health cards in all poor families of Rajanpur.

The prime minister said that the people of FATA area too remained behind and the war has worsened their situation further so we will also distribute health cards there.

He said government hospitals system slowly fell down, the first government hospitals had the best treatment, but today rich people do not even think of treatment in public hospitals.

Prime Minister criticized the Sharif family and said that Nawaz Sharif, who lived on the position of the Prime Minister three times, says that let me go to London from jail to get treatment. He and his brother Shahbaz Sharif goes abroad for treatment.

He said that we want to make a system that all the people including rich and poor get treatment from the Government Hospitals.

He directed Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid to accelerate reforms in the system of government hospitals so that the situation and administration of government hospitals should be improved.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on February 6 released health justice card to provide about 8 million people free health facilities.

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