Do not worry about the snake bite now

Snake-biting vaccine has been developed in the People’s Medical University of Health Sciences Laboratory.

According to the Sindh government, there was a foundation of the serial laboratory in the year 2010 in Tehsil Sakrand 19 kilometers away from Nawab Shah to prepare an anti-snake Vaccine.

Scientist related to that laboratory Dr. Naeem Qureshi, and his team After 4 years of research they have developed an anti-snake vaccine.

The vaccine prepared was registered with the World Health Organization, and Dr. Naeem Qureshi went to Tharparkar with the People’s Medical University team in the year 2016 and vaccines were vaccinated to ten patients, and the lives of all patients were saved, and any type of No side effects was also noted.

125 volumes were initially developed, despite these 10 people the other 110 patients were also vaccinated and results were 100 percent.

Lab expert, Dr. Naeem Qureshi said that the vaccine prepared is the most affordable and powerful vaccine of Pakistan.

10 to 12 volumes of Indian ASV, were also imported from India. The price is Rs. 2,000 per voil. So on a patient, it costs Rs. 20,000. Only one of our prepared ASV will be placed on a patient.

Prof. Dr. Azam Yousufani, Vice Chancellor of People’s Medical University, said that the ASV and ARB serialistic laboratory in Sindh was handed over to Sindh University but not given the budget.

250 million budget is required, if the Sindh government provides funds to them, they can prepare a vaccine in one year and submit them to the market at the lowest price.

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