World’s most sung song for over two centuries “Silent Night”

Various exhibitions have been arranged in Austria for the 200th anniversary of Christmas’s famous song ‘Silent Night.’ The song was released for the first time on August 24, 1818.

In the German ‘Stille Nacht’ (in English ‘Silent Night’), the song deputy priest Joseph Mehar, wrote in Maryhammer in the Austrian state of Schlosberg.

Two years after the song was written, he was deployed in another church in Aberdeen, where he made a song from a local school teacher and church musician Franz Grove.

According to Martin Hochleitner, director of the Austrian history, Arton and Scherzberg Magnus, this song has become the most popular singing song on Christmas.

According to Hochleitner, “This song has been translated into 300 languages ​​and gadgets around the world, which seems to be a universe. ‘Silent Night’ proved to be a brand spread all over. “

Austrian citizens are proud that the songs that were singing around the world were written in their country.

Although the territory of Hersberg was emperor coming to both the states on various occasions in the era of Austria and Bavaria.

Austria’s UNESCO Commission has declared the ‘Silent Night’ as the country’s untouchable cultural asset. This song ” Silent Night” has been used in various projects and exhibition.

Even during World War II a lot of benefits got from this song. Even World war 2 did not change the use of this song. It was also placed in the cultural heritage list in Germany’s Nazi Socialist era.

After completing two centuries of this song, there are more than six hundred different events in Austria as well as a particular app has been introduced.

This song from “Mohr and Gruber” have been tributed in Austria by celebrating these events. Also, different things related to this song are kept various museums there, which have been used in addition to music.

Since its release more than 200 years almost. It has become the most popular song and most sung song of the world as well. Breaking all the records it was translated in more than 300 languages.

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