Reasons behind Zayn Malik and Gigi’s separation

Last updated on January 10th, 2019 at 12:55 pm

The separation of Gigi and Zayn Malik officially and these are the reasons behind this decision

After a series of rumours that pointed to the separation of Gigi Hadid and Zain Malik, news has been confirmed now.

Zayn and Gigi are now separated.

And the reasons for the separation of fashion model Gigi Hadid and singer Zayn Malik despite their love story is that they are very busy working and do not find the time to spend together, to end their emotional relationship at the moment.

A source close to Gigi Hadid revealed that she had tried hard to have a relationship with Zayn Malik but was suffering from his problems, which she had failed to help, although she had moved away from her friends and focused with him.

Gigi Hadid and Zain Malik met in November 2015, explaining their separation in March 2018, through a statement revealing their pride in their relationship but unable to continue their emotional life together, given the pressures of work and lack of time the reason of the separation for their relationship.

But by the end of April 2018, the cameras had seen pictures of the newlyweds kissing each other in the street, hoping to return to their emotional lives in this way, but they returned to separation by the beginning of 2019.

Their fans are not happy at all as their couple was one of the cutest couples in the world and there is no doubt in it that they gained so much popularity and success due to this adorable relationship that is now officially not anymore.

Fans are still hoping for a surprise patch-up, but it seems to be impossible now. A lot of people are tweeting different reasons behind this breakup or separation. But as per our sources, the main reason behind this breakup is their busyness.

Both of them have given a reason for their separation that they have a hectic routine in their work life, so they are not getting enough time to spend together. But still, no one knows the actual reason behind this separation. After this separation, Zayn and Gigi are media highlights nowadays leaving their fans in anger.

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