Justin Bieber decides to Divorce just after 150 Days of Marriage.

Canadian pop star and actor Justin Bieber admitted in November last year that she had secretly married American actress and model, 21-year-old Heli Baldwin.

However, before the secret marriage, both of them had clearly announced the engagement and said that they are going to get married soon.

But then in November 2018, both of them admitted that they have secret marriage and surprised everyone. But after 140 days of marriage, the news of divorce came between them.

At the beginning of February this month the news has come to light that both of them have decided to divorce.

The report was claimed that divorced marriage between both of them came because the information was that Justin Beber had secretly met ex-girlfriend singer Selena Gomez after the marriage.

Justin Bieber’s wife model Heli Baldwin has also spoken openly on her issues after marriage and has declared Young age marriage as a dangerous and horrible experience.

According to the British newspaper, The Independent, Heli Baldwin has recently photographed for the fashion magazine ‘Woog.’ Pictures of Heli Baldwin will be Published in fashion magazines in the next month.

The model talked about her Marriage Life and the issues she is facing for the first time and said that now what problems are there in their lives and how was her life in the past. Heli Baldwin said that early age marriage is like a horrible experience. She did not talk much about her married life.

She said that when she met Justin Bieber, she fell in Love with him. She also added that before meeting Justin she has never even thought of early age marriage, but now she labels it as a scary or horrible experience.

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