‘Avengers: EndGame’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ set to release in Pakistan

Avengers EndGame

Last updated on June 8th, 2019 at 05:02 am

Hollywood Marvels Super Heroes movie ‘Avengers: EndGame’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ will be released in Pakistani cinemas this month.

The film ‘Captain Marvel’ was released on 8 March last month, which was not allowed to be released in Pakistan by the Disney Regional Office, but now the NeuPlex Cinema announced that the movie ‘Captain Marvel’ ‘Will also be released soon.


On the other hand, the Atomic Cinema also informed on Twitter that ‘Avengers: EndGame’ will be released on April 26 this month.


Another movie full of Action and Thrill ‘Shazam’ will also be released on April 5 in Pakistani cinemas.

Movie tickets for ‘Avengers: EndGame’ and ‘Captain Marvel’ are on sale, and tickets for movies are also available online.

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