Schools who do not comply with the Court Orders should be Closed – Sindh High Court

On the matter of raising the school fees, the court directed to continue the proceedings against those who did not enforce the judicial order while strictly directing Private Schools, saying that schools which did not comply with the court order should be closed.

The school owners increased 5% of the fee despite the orders of the court.

Director of the school told the court that the school owners have been informed the Supreme Court’s orders, and 2 private schools have submitted the reply and the order of the Supreme Court has been imported.

The court questioned the lawyer about the Beacon House and City School, on which the lawyer said that the appeal against the order of the High Court will be heard in the Supreme Court next month, the court gave remarks in the City School Case.

The court is not being prosecuted, on which the lawyer said that the Supreme Court orders are not implemented even if the court had filed a petition in the Supreme Court.

Court questioned DG schools that What action did they take regarding two private schools? On which DG Private Schools responded, we have suspended their registration.

The court expressed satisfaction over the DG schools, saying that 2 schools have been refunded or not? On which DG schools said that school registration will be restored, the case will be seen, both the schools have never approved the fees.

Parents said that in 2006 the private schools were overhauled, but no action was taken.

The schools which do not follow the court order should be closed, they got punished, but we failed to implement.

The court said that the private schools who did not follow the court order should be closed, they should get the penalties, but they could not execute, directorate schools told the court.

We can punish them jail for 6 months who will not comply with the court’s orders..”
Justice Mrs. Ashfar said.

The court ordered Director Private Schools to implement the orders. And then those who will not follow the court’s order will get punished. The court also ordered to present the complete details about the fee refund.

Later the hearing in Sindh High Court was adjourned till February 25.

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