In antique times, both girls and boys together training and education were prevalent in the city-state; Sparta of Greece. In that city, there was no distinction between girls and boys. They obtained their academic studies together and participated in several games. They enjoyed the co-education open-mindedly.

Overview of Co-education essay

The comradeship feelings between boys and girls are very important for a successful community. The Greek philosopher; Plato was an admirer of co-education and was dedicated to rise the legendary personalities of both girls and boys in the common nation.

He felt that co-education is the only means to create a useful society. After Greece, gender segregation was ignored by many other countries, including Ancient India where boys and girls achieved their education together. They were taught and brought up together in the same institutes.

The joint coaching of both girls, as well as boys in the same class and at the same institute, comes in Co-education. As both sexes have to live in society, educating them in advance is a wonderful step for effective life. Nowadays, this system is in vogue in numerous regions such as the USA, UK, Australia, and also in developing countries including Pakistan.

The top-rated universities have been established for this education at the world level. There are copious co-educational colleges, schools, and universities that have been initiated in Pakistan, China, and India. Initially, it was adopted in advanced countries, but since world wall 2, it has been adopted in various developing countries like China.

Advantages of Co-education

School diversity: Currently there are numerous co-educational schools in every country. It’s an advanced step and helpful for students who want to achieve their studies. When they are exposed to a huge diversity of youth, they become proficient to adapt a diverse environment.

Equality Passion: When tutors treat all the students alike, students grow their passion and confidence. The students from a young age learn how to work together and love to be treated equally. They participate in educational activities without any discrimination. This passion for equality boosts socialization among students of separate traits.

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Coming life preparation: Students love to interact in several activities together. They develop self-confidence for coming to practical life. They improve their behaviour and communication skills when they have to interact with other students. They grow in a healthy and extraordinary environment.


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Confidence building: The students of both sexes play together, talk to one another and resolve their problems. They can fix their troubles confidently and can share their knowledge with anyone. The students of co-educational institutes are not hesitant to talk in front of the opposite sex. Their self-esteem is developed from early life and easily gets rid of shyness. They raise in a friendly and cosy atmosphere.

Teamwork improvement: The students prepare their assignments, accomplish their projects, and perform class activities together. This mixed educational system enhances their teamwork ability as they learn to work and even do lunch together.

Improved Thinking level: Sharing ideas with different people, different gender, and of different mindsets make intellectuality better. The unwanted restrictions of not talking to the contrary sex cause hamper the thinking ability. The debates, conversations, and thoughts exchanged uplift intelligence.

Economic Environment: Students use the same facilities at institutes such as the library, classroom pieces of equipment, and playgrounds. The use of exact resources develops the economic environment.

Professionalism: Gender discrimination is eliminated from the school level, and prepares the individual professional. They focus on the development and novel inventions in society instead of boys-girls acts. Youth productivity is promoted and technology is developed in these educational foundations.

When girls and boys are capable to read under the same roof, the luxury of an opening variety of schools is affordable in developing countries. It’s safe in aspects of the economic budget. Poor children are able to gain their studies in the same schools. School staff is manageable and trained for teaching the students. The co-educational institutes prefer brilliant and motivated teachers, they make their students smart and confident in life. The hurdles of separate facilities are permanently abolished and produce a harmonious atmosphere.

Importance of Co-education

Social intelligence is enhanced by the co-education of youth. How we treat others, and our negotiations are very effective and significant in our life. Social intelligence is firmly developed in mixed educational institutes.

The opposite sex discrimination among individuals is an outrageous atrocity. It is still existing in some countries. It’s the time to know the importance of co-education, it awakes the passion to do great things in society. There is competition for understanding the background of a nation. How this nation is growing its individuals.

“Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; it is life itself”_ (John Dewey)

The student of a co-educational school is more capable to make stable decisions in his life than the student of a gender discrimination-believing school. The co-educated one is talented and able to build suitable relationships either with his family or with friends. He knows how to manage his emotions and how to take the best steps in the coming life.

Co-education is also very important in maintaining dignity and preparing students for hard challenges. It brings a more convenient way of training the youth. They learn how to occupy their place in the community. There is a controlled environment in coeducational society, it’s bringing regulation and discipline in the lives of people.

Without religious sanctions, it’s adopted in many Muslim Countries including Arab. Girls have equal rights to achieve their education equally as boys at the age of puberty. They are capable to face failures and struggle together. People are drilled to put their sentiments as an individual, everybody is playing an important role in society’s reliability. There is no room for discrimination among different castes, colours, and standards of people.

The students learn how to move together and take resolutions when it comes to sexes. The broad educational environment allows them to participate and perform their best in different meet-ups. They become skilful to explore the right perspective. They can openly disagree with the unwanted theories.

Co-education in Pakistan

Therefore, the interaction between girls and boys in the educational system teaches them to behave confidently and wisely. In Pakistan, when students enter co-educations they tend to do it hesitantly. After getting their studies in a perfect environment they boost their self-confidence. To overcome this trouble, Pakistanis are going through the co-educational system from the early school level. There is also a major problem of a shortage of professional faculty in the educational zone. So highly qualified teachers can help others in this non-availability.

In Pakistan, this trend improves the moral and social values among the young generation. It implants the golden element of softness and politeness in students’ behaviour. In such peaceful situations, students try to obtain superiority over competitors. The system needs to adopt this trend from the elementary level. The students are going to study in a congenial environment. Personality improvement is a wonderful feature of this education.

This level of education is hard to accept by the narrow-minded community of Pakistan. They think that in the Muslim country Pakistan girls should accomplish their studies from the institutes that are established just for females. Girls are not safe when they are out of four walls, and they need extra security than boys. Some parents want to give a good education to their daughters, but their conservative society doesn’t allow them and put insecurity in their mind. Such opponents consider intermingling studies to diverge students from their future goals. The students are unable to give entire attention to their studies the result in the destruction and waste of their time.

When you educate a girl; you educate a nation.

In the current decade, the trend of intermingling education is improved in Pakistan. Every year thousands of students gain their degrees. A lot of the students get foreign scholarships and they move abroad for their studies. The co-educational system is promoted by top-rated universities including Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, and many other Government and Private universities. In Pakistani students achieve internships and scholarships at the world level. Pakistan’s education system enabled its students to compete at the world level. Both boys and girls have equal rights to occupy their seats in educational institutes. It’s the unique demand of the 21st century.

Drawbacks of Co-education

Both males and females are going through the same classrooms, they also share the exactly same amenities. This aspect of education brings unlimited benefits to society. At the same time, it’s creating severe problems in the youth today. Major distresses are:

Destructive outcome: when students are growing together and reading under the same roof, there are higher chances of getting the pathways of destruction. All the students can’t control their emotions and spoil the highly professional places.

Unethical reaction: There are clear chances to engage in severe unethical activities. There is an immoral behavioural response from students. Co-educational institutes cannot overcome unethical activities on such a large scale.

Limited options of schools and colleges: With the ease in resources and professional shortage comfort, there are limited options for getting admission to the school. In countries where people don’t feel comfortable learning in co-education, they are unable to obtain a single seat at separate institutes. Due to high competition, they have to wait for years.

Undesired argument: Modern students are not shy and hesitate to talk in front of anyone, they don’t follow cultural restrictions. It’s their habit to put their opinion and sometimes this act cause ugly arguments. It’s harmful to the pillars of society.


It’s strongly proved that the co-education system is an excellent aspect of a successful life. It is a wonderful way to develop the students’ better intellectual habits. Co-education prepares students for the world in which they work effortlessly. They put their perfect in response to all conditions. The young generation is becoming more well-mannered and decent than the old ones.

Short Essay on Co-education

The educational system of girls and boys under the precisely same roof comes in the co-education. It was common in Greece in ancient times. Nowadays, this level of education is prevalent throughout the world. It’s offering a lot of benefits and is economical. The passion for companionship among males and females is promoted. This step in education is having the light-bulb moment for restoring the problems such as shortage of skilled tutors and resources availability. Students are doing control their shyness and curiosity. The co-education is creating the spirit of cooperation, sincerity, and respect for others.

Developed countries are accurately enjoying the educational system. There are several hurdles for developing countries, where people are conservative and don’t go out of the box. They are not interested in knowing the benefits of this system, they’re thinking it was not followed by our forefathers and our educational institutes are boosting western fashions. They don’t know how it is helpful for our future.

“Your gender shouldn’t determine whether you get an education”_ (Tirunesh)

The studies together are making discrimination-free regions and people are turning towards this beneficial trend. Not only academic courses but also non-academic activities are promoted among students. Today girls are capable to perform their best in different positions worldwide. It helps the students to grow up as well-mannered human beings. Hence the youth of today are able to develop healthy relationships.

The students are enjoying their professional lives at the same time they have the capability to handle conflicts as well. All the students are amusing equal rights and learn from their failures. Gender discrimination is eliminated securely. They can promote cultural values and the educational system is creating decent behaviour in them.

This system levels up confidence, decision-making potential, and resource sharing with others. The students grow among brilliant and professional tutors, they learn mutual respect and self-esteem. It’s a great opportunity to become a successful nation.